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  • We even have no or low cash-to-close options!


A hard money loan, bridge loan, or private loan can vary from state to state. Namely, loan terms such as the lending rate, loan-to-value ratio, and the min/max loan amount depend on conditions in the lending state. This variance is caused by a combination of regional real estate investing market conditions and state laws related to real estate investment. For these reasons, nationwide hard money lenders such as ourselves must offer custom terms to suit each region.

Zero… we brought zero dollars to the table on this deal, so I am out of pocket nothing.

Lauren A. | Indiana

Can I Get a Loan Even If I Have Bad Credit?

Great news! Yes, we can fund a fix & flip investment for you even if you have bad credit. Hard money lenders pay less attention to credit score than a traditional bank, and your current score has no bearing on whether you can get funding with us.

Loan Types

We’ve completely designed our hard money lender services around the needs of real estate investors. We are currently offering:

Low Cash-to-Close Fix & Flip Loans

Our low cash-to-close residential rehab are for single-family residences with a max loan amount of $350,000.

Traditional Residential Rehab Loan

We can fund your fix & flip with a down payment and lower interest rates than our no money down options.

BRRR Loans

After you find & rehab a property, we can help you secure a conventional loan with one of our partners who require little-to-no rental history.

Refinance Loans

We can refinance the loan on your existing property and give you all the money you need to complete repairs needed before selling.

Tired of getting rejected on your funding applications? We’ll help you achieve your real estate goals!