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We currently offer direct funding in 13 states. Even though we are headquartered here, we do not provide direct hard money loans in Utah at this time. We do, however, have a vast network of connections and funding options available to you in that state. Don’t hesitate… Our business partner is waiting to give you access to the funding you need to make your deal happen today. Also, you won’t have to pay origination fees or closing costs each time you do a deal. Enter your information and get access to up to $100,000.00 for your deal.

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We have done two deals (so far!) and are amazed at how easy it has been to get hard money when we needed it and the best of all – no monthly payments!

Marilee R, Magna, UT

Utah Real Estate Market Statistics (2015)

Utah is the home of the Rocky Mountains, gorgeous seasons and breathtaking national parks. One of the safest states to live, Utah has become a popular and happy place to call home. It also boasts excellence in culture and the arts. Utah is an ideal state for real estate investment, with the average home value increasing 7.5% in the past year. Utah has been critically acclaimed for its impressive real estate market, with Zillow naming both Salt Lake City and Ogden as two of the 10 hottest housing markets of 2016. According to KSL.com, “The combination of low unemployment, good incomes and steady appreciation have made Utah one of the most solid housing markets in the nation.” It is reported that millennial home buyers will continue to keep Utah’s housing market healthy. Now is an excellent time to find a great deal in Utah and rehab and flip it for a fantastic profit.

Housing Units
Number of Flips
% Change in Flips

Purchase Price

National Average: $294,600
Utah Metro Areas: $299,000

Gross Margin

National Average: $55,000
Utah Metro Areas: $46,404

Number of Houses Flipped

National Average: 179,778
Utah Metro Areas: 789

% Change in Houses Flipped

National Average: 0.2%
Utah Metro Areas: -3%

Additional Opportunities

Though we do not provide direct funding for loans in Utah, there are plenty of opportunities you can take advantage of in other nearby states. We can fund your flip directly in Texas and Washington, plus 11 others. Check out these excellent deals funded in Texas and Washington: