Refund Policy

UPDATED: 21 Sep 2021

If within 3 calendar days, or 21 calendar days if Client is 65 years old or more, of full payment to DHM of invoice amount, Client is not satisfied with the quality of DHM’s services for any reason, Client may contact DHM at 800-284-0076 or to resolve the conflict and/or seek a full refund of all monies paid in connection with this agreement. DHM does not offer a refund of the invoice amount beyond this time period. This helps ensure the Client remains committed to moving forward until the Client’s first profitable deal is funded and paid off. DHM has many prospective investors but must only work with those who demonstrate a high level of motivation and persistence to achieve success in real estate investing. The goal of DHM is to provide a superior lending experience for the Client and to close multiple successful loans for the mutual benefit and profitability of DHM and the Client. Getting the first successful deal closed and paid off can be a gateway to many additional successful and profitable transactions. If a refund is processed in connection with this agreement, a $45 processing fee will be assessed. If Client pays with a credit card, a setup fee, equal to 3.5% of the invoice amount or $105 will also be assessed. This processing fee, and merchant fee if applicable, will be deducted from the total invoice amount. If Client loses any upfront costs or deposits related to specific properties Client is or was seeking funding for (including but not limited to earnest money or inspections), Client assumes full responsibility for losses and understands that DHM will not be responsible to refund these losses.

This refund policy is for general purposes only and does not replace or supersede any specific contracts signed for the purchase of any product. If you have signed a purchase contract, the terms of that contract apply to that purchase and the policy outlined above is irrelevant and non-binding.