If you want to become a successful real estate investor really fast, you need to read this page at all costs. Pay close attention to every word on this page to find out how…

There is a common phrase that our Texas friends have taught us: “Big hat, no cattle.”  This phrase refers to those Texas cowboys that walk around with huge ten gallon hats on.  It used to be the bigger the hat, the richer the cowboy.

Well, now you see these guys with the great big hats walking around, but they have no wealth to back it up.  It’s all show.  They have no ranch.  They have no cattle.  They have no assets.  They have no money.  But they sure look good, because they wear a big hat and they drive a big truck.  I understand that everyone in Texas drives a big truck.

Anyway, they’ve got the big hat, but no cattle.  These guys would drive around in their big trucks, with their big hats, and act like they had the money, but you know what?  If they acted the part well, they still got the attention, the girls, or whatever they might have been looking for.

And that is exactly what you need to do as a real estate investor.  Walk the walk and talk the talk of a successful, big time, real estate investor.  Wear your confidence like a big hat, and exude the kind of competence that makes it seem like you have a big herd of cattle back at the ranch.

You need to make offers like you have the money.  You need to look at properties like you have the money.  You need to do everything as a real estate investor to get good properties under contract—like you have the money.  You need to wear a big hat, if that’s what it takes to get good deals under contract.  You can act like you have the money, because you do.  When you find the good deal, you will find the hard money loans.

Money is attracted to good deals, so don’t waste your time trying to figure out how to fund something that doesn’t exist.  Don’t play around with hypothetical situations in an imaginary world and analyze a crazy situation that does not even exist.  Stop doing the mistake all real estate investors make.

Deal with things that are real—real, and under contract.  Your job is to get that property under contract, and to do that you need to act like you have the money. Just do it.  Act like you have the cash.  You need to act like you can go and close on these deals, because the truth is, you can.

If you find a good deal, you will find the money; and there is more money out there than you could ever imagine for real estate investors with good deals.  So wear a big hat, make the offers, act like you have the money, and you will be successful as a real estate investor.

Side Note: I am not suggesting or inferring that you need to go out and buy a big cowboy hat to wear around, and I am DEFINITELY not saying that you need to go buy a BIG truck to start as a real estate investor. Use what you have; don’t go buy things that you might need someday.