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Hard Money Rehab Loans For Residential Rehabs

So, you’ve decided you want to rehab and flip a property. Well done!

We’re very happy to help you every step of the way to ensure your investment success. One of the ways we ensure success is by having selective criteria with each of our residential rehab loans. We want you to make a great profit of your deal, so to do that we have a list of standards regarding which types of homes we lend on to eliminate risk factors and decrease the chance of you being stuck rehabbing a terrible property that won’t turn a profit. Traditional hard money lenders don’t do this. They’ll require you to have good credit and bring a down payment to the table. That is not necessary with DHM. By using our house flipping calculator   you’ll be able to see whether or not a deal fits that criteria, and even if it might qualify for 100% financing!

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Investment Property Rehab Loans by State

We can fund your next residential rehab investment with a hard money rehab loan in the following states:

Recently Funded Investment Property Rehab Loans

North Carolina

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New Jersey

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Criteria Points for Residential Rehab Loans:

Investor Testimonials

Lee Staehly – Net Profit $40,000
Jesse Jaynes – Net Profit $50,000
Peter Kuld – Net Profit $14,000

The Next Step

Now that you’re educated on the types of residential rehabs for which we can provide funding, there are many exciting options to take advantage of when it comes to your funding and finding the perfect residential rehab loan. Unsure which is for you? Fill our our questionnaire below and speak with one of our investment associates.

  • REI Starter System

    Helps you jump-start into investing with essential tools and software you’ll need to find deals and get funded.
  • Wholesale Professional

    Shows all of the different ways to find properties, validate deals and develop a buyers list.
  • Guaranteed 90-Day Finding System

    Helps you find profitable properties in 90 days or less while learning valuable finding strategies.
  • REI Professional System

    Gives you step-by-step instructions, tools and coaching sessions for maximizing profit in real estate investments.
  • Advanced Deal Analysis

    An all-inclusive profit and risk analysis which helps you save time and money in finding the best deals.
  • Evaluation Credit

    Consists of at least two evaluations by third-party independent evaluators to assess the value of the property and provide vital information about the investment and profit potential.
  • Guaranteed Finding Starter System

    A proven, step-by-step, comprehensive system which teaches how to find and value properties.
  • Partner-with-a-Pro Starter System

    Gives you the opportunity to partner with one of our professionals to flip houses with guaranteed no cash to close, and earn a steady profit.
  • Proof of Funds

    Helps you get under contract fast with instant credibility.
  • Critical Contracts Portfolio

    An all-inclusive compilation of various contracts we’ve acquired over the years to help protect you and your investments.
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