Want to earn money for telling others about Do Hard Money?

We offer a referral program that allows you to earn money for referring your friends or family to Do Hard Money for their fix and flip needs. Within this program, there are 2 ways for you to be rewarded:

  • Earn $100 for anyone you refer that joins our Find-Fund-Flip System. 
  • Earn 10% of the origination fee for any loan that is funded for anyone you refer.
  • Rewards are paid in the form of credits for Investor’s Edge, Amazon gift cards, or prepaid Visa cards, or ACH Transfer.
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How do you refer someone?
Referring someone is easy and can be done in 3 easy steps:
  1. Sign up to receive your unique referral link.
  2. Send link to your friends and family.
  3. They click the link and fill out the form.
Not sure how to share with others. You can post the link to any of your social media accounts using one of these already written options below.

  • "Ever wanted to flip houses? Check out the system I used that not only taught me how to flip houses but gave me tools I needed and access to funding I wouldn’t have been able to get myself since I didn’t have experience."
  • "Ever thought about real estate investing? These guys can help you get started."
  • "How did I get started in real estate? I found these guys online and they helped me become an investor. If you’ve ever thought about investing in real estate, you should check out these guys. Click this link and fill out the form to talk to one of their team members."
Payout Rules
While referring someone is easy, there are a few conditions regarding what counts as a referral and when the rewards are paid out. These guidelines vary depending on if it is a Find-Fund-Flip System referral or a new loan.
Find-Fund-Flip Referral
  • The referral must be the first time we have contacted the person you are referring.
  • If they have spoken to us before or filled out a form from one of our ads, they are not eligible to earn you a referral reward.
  • The referral must be enrolled for 1 full calendar month.
  • The reward will be paid out the first business day of the month after the referral has been enrolled a full month.

    Ex. You refer John Doe who joins our system on January 2nd. His first full calendar month of enrollment is February. Your reward will be paid out the first business day of March

New Loan Referral
  • The person getting the loan must be an active member of the Find-Fund-Flip System.
  • They joined the system through your referral link.
  • The reward will be paid out on the first business day 2 weeks after the loan closes.
  • Bonus can be paid as an ACH

    Ex. You refer John Doe who joins our system and submits a loan application. He completes all the paperwork and the loan closes on March 1. The reward will be paid out on March 15 or the next business day if it is a weekend or holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cap on the amount of new loan referral rewards I can earn from one person I referred?

  • No! As long as they meet the criteria for a referral, you will earn on every loan that your friend gets funded through us.

Do I have to be a member of the Find-Fund-Flip System to earn rewards?

  • No! As long as you have a referral link, you can earn rewards for your referrals.

When do I get paid the rewards?

  • When you get paid depends on the specific reward you earned. New system enrollment referrals are paid the first business day following the new enrollee’s first full month of enrollment. New funded loans referrals are paid the first business day 2 weeks after the loan closes. You can see above for the full details.

Is there a limit to the amount of new system referrals I can earn? 

  • No! You will earn for every referral you make. So refer away! If you refer a million people that sign up with us, we will pay you the $100,000,000 of rewards for those referrals.

Do they have to fill out the referral form? Can’t they call instead?

  • In order to be counted as a referral, they must fill out the referral form through the link that you provide them. They cannot use any other contact method to count as a referral.

How is the reward paid out?

  • Once you have earned the referral reward and are due to receive payout, you will be contacted by a Do Hard Money team member to confirm how you would like to receive it. You can choose one of 3 options: credit towards Investor’s Edge, an Amazon gift card, or a prepaid Visa card.

Can I be paid by ACH?

  • ACH payments can be made for the new loan funded reward. New Find-Fund-Flip member referrals will not be paid by ACH. A member of Do Hard Money will discuss payment options when they contact you to pay any rewards you have earned.

This referral program is a new and evolving program for us, as is the case with all things business related. As an evolving program, these guidelines may change at any time.

What People Are Saying:

"Do it. Don't hesitate. They really do give you all the tools you need and give you the opportunity to jump in this business."

- Paula, LA
*$60k estimated profit

They've really helped me create this business. If it weren't for them I wouldn't be where I'm at."

- Casey, OR
* $71,000 estimated profit

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