Real Estate Wholesale

For many new real estate investors, wholesale flipping is the best way to build capital. It allows you to flip a property and get cash in-hand in two weeks with minimal time required. There are no loan fees, no attorney fees, no insurance, and absolutely no credit, income or background checks. Wholesaling is available anytime regardless of personal or financial circumstances. The best part? You completely avoid the challenges of rehabbing a house, managing general contractors, staying on top of costs that keep increasing and all of the other headaches included in the process.

  • Finding Properties

    We show you the many different ways to find properties that are ideal for wholesaling.
  • Valuing Properties

    Learn how to value properties so you’re not wasting time on bad deals. We provide you with software that will analyze and validate the deals and determine the exact amount you should offer to get the property under contract.
  • Know Exactly What to Say

    Use scripts so you know exactly what to say in order to get the best deal possible.
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The Wholesale Professional System has helped me build capital giving me more flexibility for my future fix and flip deals.

Steven T, Clevelend, OH

What’s Included?

The Wholesale Professional is packed with useful calculators, checklists, worksheets and contracts – all of which combined are worth well over $5,000.00.

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  • Wholesale 101 ($400.00 Value)

    Everything you need to know about wholesale flipping. (56 Minutes)
  • Tier III: Advanced Finding Strategies – Finding Properties 101 ($200.00 Value)

    More than 30 professional, expert and advanced finding strategies.
  • Talking With Sellers ($200.00 Value)

    What to say and what not to say to close the deal.
  • All About Buyers ($200.00 Value)

    Where to find motivated buyers and how to get them interested in buying your property.
  • Structuring the Deal ($200.00 Value)

    How to structure the deal and close contracts to maximize your profit and minimize any risk.
  • Unlimited Proof-of-Funds Letters ($1,199.00 Value)

    This gives you the advantage over the competition to make and close offers fast.
  • Proprietary Advanced Deal Analysis Software ($2,398.00 Value)

    Conduct a comprehensive, professional profit and risk analysis in seconds. Know exactly what you can offer and which deals are best so you don’t waste any time on bad deals.
  • Automated Property Value Analysis Worksheet ($74.95 Value)

    This calculates the real value of your property. This worksheet will give you an objective reality check and help you avoid overestimating property values and making potentially costly mistakes.
  • Simple Assignment of Contract – QuickFIL Form + VIDEO ($49.95 Value)

    This contract covers all of your bases and gets you in and out in a flash.
  • Advanced Assignment of Contract – QuickFIL Form ($49.95 Value)

    This will help you lock in a buyer with a non-refundable deposit.
  • Optional Addendum for Assignment Contract – QuickFIL Form ($14.95 Value)

    A few details to cross the t’s and dot the i’s in rare circumstances.
  • Buyer Purchase Contract + VIDEO ($19.95 Value)

    This helps you know which contracts to use on the buy and sell side of things. This is exclusively for you as the buyer.
  • Seller Purchase Contract + VIDEO ($19.95 Value)

    This purchase contract is optimized to favor you as the seller.
  • Seller Statement of Understanding + VIDEO ($29.95 Value)

    This protects you from all of the shady occurrences that can happen in a deal and give you peace of mind.
  • Motivated Seller Sheet ($34.95 Value)

    This helps you identify the motivated sellers and weed them out from the people who will waste your time and efforts.
  • Meeting with Seller Outline + VIDEO ($34.95 Value)

    When you’re meeting with the seller, it’s all about what you say. This outlines exactly what to do to close the deal.
  • HUD Inspection Checklist ($14.95 Value)

    Put this in your arsenal to give you the ammo to negotiate the lowest price possible for the deal.