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Do You Know the Full Costs of Fixing and Flipping a House?

We created our Advanced Deal Analyzer to better help our borrowers understand all of the costs they will incur when they flip a house.

  • Mitigate Risk

    You’ll know if you’re paying too much for it to even be profitable
  • Take Hard Data To Sellers

    Negotiate a lower purchase price for your deal.
  • Does the Math For You

    Get rid off your complicated spreadsheets.
  • Instant Results

    It’ll calculate quicker than you can say “great deal”
  • No More Closing Table Shocks

    We disclose all costs- ours and all the other costs you’ll incur.

Do You Know Where and How to Get The Right Numbers?

There is way more to it than how much you buy the property for and the final sale amount. Our Investor’s Edge Software gives you that data, and more!

  • Know How Much To Offer

    See how much the seller owes and how much equity they have
  • Find Realistic Comps

    Don’t rely on an agent that just wants the commission they’ll make, look at the whole neighborhood for yourself.
  • Know Your Rehab Costs

    The rehab calculator gives you both DIY and Contractor cost estimates. Detailed and complete.
  • Contact the Sellers

    You can even email, text or direct mail right to the seller through the software.

In order for any hard money loan calculator to be of use to you, it needs to align with the lending criteria of the hard money lender you will be using. Not all hard money lenders are the same though. Do Hard Money has specific criteria that will vary depending on the loan you require. A real estate investment profit calculator will not do you much good if it does not assess as many of the factors that impact your profit as possible. This is especially true for new real estate investors, because those investors are often nto aware of all of the costs and risd\ks associated with investing.

Investor’s Edge Software

Real estate investing is the single most reliable path to financial freedom in the U.S., you need an edge over your competition. Our Investor’s Edge software will provide you will all of the data and information to help you get a head start when it comes to finding and valuing deals, as well as expediting your marketing efforts and correctly planning any necessary repairs the property needs.

You’ll be able to search individual neighborhoods and zip codes, as well as larger areas for the types of deals that work for you, in that market. Search for high equity properties, preforeclosures, involuntary liens, out of state owners and more. Find cash buyers. And best of all you can save your searches, so once you’ve dialed in the criteria for a specific area you’ll not need to do it again – and, the software will notify you when another property fitting the specifications becomes available.

You can waste a lot of money marketing to sellers and home owners who don’t have the right kinds of deals for you. You will have the ability to take your searches and market directly to the sellers, right through the software. Text messages, emails and direct mail just by clicking buttons. Create a simple landing page website to send to prospects. So much easier and cost saving than strategies you’ve tried before.

The Rehab Planner tool allows you to plan for the repairs yu might need to make to get your property ready for money making. Want DIY figures for some aspects of the rehab, and contractor costs for others? This software will do that.

Advanced Deal Analyzer
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Our house flip calculator can help you find the best loan option.  Go ahead  select your loan objective;

  • lowest cash-to close
  • most profit
  • shortest time to close

And the Advanced Deal Analyzer will look at all of the funding options we have available to help you find the bex=st one for that deal. And if the numbers work for you there is a one-click loan application feature that will submit the application for you. This will speed things up for borrowers needing to move quixckly on deals that they have under contract.

There is also a more intuitive interface, improved cost accuracy and risk analysis, all cash-to-close-requirements are itemized!

Hard Money Calculator Recap

When it comes down to making offers to properties as a real estate investor, one thing you can do to save a lot of time is to get yourself an investment property calculator. Using a hard money calculator allows you to plan properly.

investment property calculatorAn investment property calculator is going to help you determine the right offer that you can make on the particular property.  We have software that will help you determine if your real estate investment will be profitable. It’s going to take a lot of factors into consideration. Here are a few things the investment property calculator takes into consideration:

1. Resale value of the property – The calculator is not going to tell you this. You are going to have to figure on your own and put it in there.

2. Repair Costs – You have to tell the computer the repair costs.

3. Hard Money Costs – Costs involved while acquiring the loan and the interest involved.

4. Market Depreciation Rate – The rate at which the market is depreciating.

5. Real Estate Agent Fees – The fees you have to pay the real estate agent to find the property/buyer.

6. Titles fees – Costs to resell the property

7. Miscellaneous fees – Electric fees, garbage fees during the time you own the property.

If you tune in these numbers, it will work with the formula that’s built in to it and will give you the best value for you to purchase the property for.

Remember, if you put the bad value into the computer, you will get a bad result (Garbage in, Garbage Out). You can use an investment property calculator if you have the accurate value for those things. It will do the ground work for you and will tell you the offer you can make on the property.

An investment property calculator is really useful and can help you as a real estate investor as it works. It’s something that you have to get even if you are a newbie or an advanced real estate investor.’s Real Estate Profit Calculator Data Works

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You want the best real estate profit calculator tools on the market- and these are the best. We back them up with not only solid real estate investing knowledge but we also can provide the funding your real estate investments need. No matter your credit. Even if you’ve never done a deal before. We can fund you – use the real estate calculator tool we have to find your next deal!

  • The ADA house flipping calculator will only return results as accurate as the data which is entered. DHM is not responsible for any results returned by the software using input that has not been independently verified, nor does a positive result from the software guarantee that DHM will issue funding on that  property. DHM does not guarantee that each or any particular deal funded will result in profit
  • The Investor’s Edge Software returns data from a variety of sources, which are updated according to individual source schedule. The data returned is for initial evaluation and educational purposes only, and should always be verified by investor’s due diligence.  Estimated property values returned by the software are not used to determine loan eligibility, nor does a positive result from the software guarantee that DHM will issue funding on that  property. DHM does not guarantee that each or any particular deal funded will result in profit