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The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Education Solution

Reviewing real estate investing programs and not sure what training programs produce results for new real estate investors and what courses won’t help you launch and grow your business? Want a COMPLETE Solution? This is the ultimate real estate investing program. It includes all our tools and resources, access to our amazing team of real estate professionals, use of our outstanding software and makes obtaining 100% financing or low cash to close loans possible for even new investors or those with bad credit. Let us teach you how to flip a house.


The program that brings our members the most success. Do Hard Money is first and foremost a hard money lender, extending loans to fix and flippers is our passion. Those who utilize this system bring us deals that are over 60% less risky, over 15% more profitable and on average require $5500 less cash to close than the deals submitted for funding by those who are not members. The math is simple, this program pays for itself time and again.

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Investing in real estate has long been recognized as one of the best paths to financial freedom. Choosing the best real estate training is vital to your success. You do not want to waste time and money trying approaches that do not match your goals. Our real estate training is based on the experience of our founder, Ryan G. Wright. Ryan began as a real estate agent and then moved into investing. During the downturn of 2007-2008 he continued to make money with investing when others experienced loss. The principles and methods he used are the foundations of these real estate investing programs.

Starter Systems for Real Estate Investing Beginners

These options are great for someone just wanting to ‘dip a toe in’ so to speak. Without investing much money you can determine if real estate investing is the right money making venue for you. These programs teach the basics, will not overwhelm you as you begin, and will set a good foundation for future learning.


Everything you need to become a wholesaling professional in a proven proprietary step-by-step comprehensive turn-key fool-proof system.

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REI Starter System

Valuable REI information and essentials condensed into an immersive, interactive, easy-to-follow process that lets you follow at your own pace.

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Guaranteed Finding Starter

Learn the secrets for finding properties with minimal competition and high margins.

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Intermediate Systems for Taking Your Real Estate Investing to the Next Level

These are more comprehensive systems for investors wanting a deeper dive. Focus on learning to find properties or take your property valuing skills to a higher level.

Wholesale Professional

Build capital and avoid the challenges of rehabbing a property with the most comprehensive, turn-key wholesale system in the REI industry..

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Guaranteed 90-Day Finding

A simple, turn-key solution to finding a profitable property in 90 days or less.

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Investor's Edge Software

Veteran fix and flip investors will really benefit from this great all encompassing software. Find great deals before they are even listed, market directly to the owners from the software itself and even plan your rehab. An exciting addition to the resources we can provide.

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Real Estate Investing Programs for Investors in These States

Our real estate solutions will help investors of all experience levels,. We have tools to help beginners learn the ropes and software that allows pros to gain substantial ground. And none of it costs a fortune! We believe in REALLY helping our students and clients succeed, and we can even provide funding for their deals!

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* Enrollment in any program is not a guarantee of success by any member or a guarantee of funding. DHM does not guarantee that each or any particular deal funded will result in profit

real estate investing programs

Real Estate Investing Programs

With all of the available real estate investment education it can be overwhelming to try and navigate it all and know how to proceed. We have a variety of solutions, all of them geared toward one thing- RESULTS. We are first and foremost a hard money lender, specializing in house flipping loans. We can fund your flip even if you are new to house flipping or if you have bad credit. We even can teach you how to take advantage of our 100% financing!

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