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Are you looking to invest in real estate?  Do you have your funds secured?

When it comes to investing in real estate, if you don’t have your funds in line first you run the major risk of jeopardizing your earnest money and taking on added unnecessary risk.  Not to mention, securing your funds in advance allows you to more effectively compete with your competition.

We recommend that you get pre-qualified before you get a property under contract.  Making sure that you meet the minimum personal requirements is the first step in getting access to our capital and can help to insure that you have your funding in place in advance.  

This can be the difference between getting your deal closed and having your deal die from an expired contract.

At DoHardMoney we offer competitive terms including loan programs specifically designed for:

  • The New Investor
  • The Investor with Poor Credit
  • The Investor with limited capital

Find out if you meet our basic requirements and are pre-qualified for a loan.  By completing the form you’re one step closer to getting funded and opening the door to financial freedom!

Basic Requirements for Loan Approval

As an equity-based lender, approval is primarily based on the investment property and the overall potential profit of the deal. We determine each loan offer on a case-by-case basis using a combination analysis of the following factors:

  • Bankruptcy status
  • Criminal history (crimes of moral turpitude)
  • Pending or threatened unpaid judgments
  • Federal or state tax liens
  • Foreclosure proceedings (property owner)
  • Personal job history

  • Personal credit
  • State in which you are investing
  • Available funds

*Note: If your deal is a particularly good one, your credit, job history and available funds will not be a factor in determining the approval or lending terms.


“Just a response to the question if DHM is a legitimate company. Yes, they are a legitimate company. I am in the process of doing a deal now with them and they did fund my deal…The software program they have makes it easy to figure out where you need to be with the funding. It pretty much takes the guesswork out of it.”
Deurward C.

“I am an investor and just finished my first deal through Do Hard Money and made a profit of $12,800 by flipping a property. I must say that my experience with this company was very good. I got answers to all my questions and got very professional advice. Most importantly, they kept their promises and I was aware of all my costs and charges right from the beginning. This deal was a win-win situation and all of us made a nice profit.”

Howard R.