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I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Podcast, sharing a bit of what I’ve been able to learn over the last 17+ years working in real estate.  Real estate is a passion for me, and it is so rewarding to share all the things that I have learned with others, particularly those who are new to investing. I believe that wholesaling properties is a great way to invest. Please enjoy the FREE eBook, but more importantly, please act on the information it contains.

Knowing how to find the right kind of property is crucial to your success. These are not properties you find on the MLS – it takes work, it takes time, some strategies cost money. You want to have a solid plan, one that gives you actionable steps.

That is why I’ve chosen to also offer a copy of the book along with my Next Deal Blueprint with Peer 2 Peer Real Estate podcast listeners. It contains the formula that I have used time and again to complete successful deals. It is the foundation my wife and I used that not only saw us through the 2007-09 financial crisis, but helped us to make money during that time as well.

Next Deal Blueprint takes your budget and schedule, combines that with my favorite finding strategies, and tells you exactly how long it will take to find your first deal!

A Message From Ryan G. Wright

I am so excited to offer this gift to listeners from the Peer 2 Peer Real Estate podcast. It is my goal to help new investors with strategies and funding.

Wholesaling is a great way to invest, one of many types of investment strategies we share with our borrowers, customers and program members.

We’re here to answer your questions and help you move your next deal forward!

To your future profits,