What’s Included?

So how does Partner with a Pro work? Simply put, you get a property under contract, partner with a professional from our database of thousands of real estate investors nationwide and sell it to one for a profit. It then gives the investor the opportunity to rehab the property and resell it.

Wholesaling Real Estate Package Includes

  • Wholesale 101 ($400.00 Value) Everything you need to know about wholesale flipping (56 minutes).
  • Tier III: Advanced Finding Strategies  Finding Properties 101 ($200.00 Value) – More than 30 professional, expert and advanced finding strategies.
  • Talking with Sellers ($200.00 Value) – What to say and what not to say to close the deal.
  • All About Buyers ($200.00 Value) – Where to find motivated buyers and how to get them interested in buying your property.
  • Structuring the Deal ($200.00 Value) How to structure the deal and close contracts to maximize your profit and minimize any risk.
  • Automated Property Value Analysis Worksheet ($74.95 Value) This calculates the real value of your property. This worksheet will give you an objective reality check and help you avoid overestimating property values and making potentially costly mistakes.
  • Simple Assignment of Contract  QuickFIL Form + VIDEO ($49.95 Value)This contract covers all of your bases and gets you in and out in a flash.
  • Buyer Purchase Contract + VIDEO ($19.95 Value) – This helps you know which contracts to use on the buy and sell side of things. This is exclusively for you as the buyer.
  • Seller Purchase Contract + VIDEO ($19.95 Value) – This purchase contract is optimized to favor you as the seller.
  • Seller Statement of Understanding ($29.95 Value) – This protects you from all of the shady occurrences that can happen in a deal and give you peace of mind.
  • Meeting with the Seller Outline + VIDEO ($34.95 Value) When you’re meeting with the seller, it’s all about what you say. This outlines exactly what to do to close the deal.
  • Professional Loan Officer Closing Service ($400.00 Value) Getting wholesale deals to close can be tricky. We could teach you how to do it, but wouldn’t it be nice if someone did it for you? You will have access to one of our experienced loan officers, who will do whatever it takes to close the deal, whether it’s a simultaneous close, flash cash or an assignment. We can make it happen without a hitch while you sit back, relax and watch the profits come in.
  • Professional Buyers List ($500.00 Value) This list has tens of thousands of professional real estate investors across the country. You find us a deal, we’ll find you a buyer.

Partner Up

Fix and flips aren’t for everyone. Luckily for you, we’ve developed a proven proprietary step-by-step comprehensive turn-key fool-proof system that can teach anyone to become a wholesaling pro. For those who choose to avoid five months of rehabbing a run-down house, managing general contractors and dealing with a thousand other details, we provide a tempting alternative – Partner-with-a-Pro. Here’s how it works:

  • Find a Property

    Find a property and get it under contract.
  • Team Up with a Professional

    Partner with one of our professionals from our database of thousands of professional real estate investors nationwide and sell the property to them for a profit.
  • They Rehab & Resell

    Your partner will rehab and resell the property for you.

The Partner with a Pro System gave me an entire new approach on how to find the most profitable properties in my area.

Christopher L, Detroit, MI

Wholesaling Real Estate For Beginners – Partner With A Pro Eligible States

DoHardMoney lends for fix and flips in the following states, so these properties in these states are eligible for our buyer’s list.