Are you ready to dive in with both feet and find a deal in October?

We have exciting news for you. To help push you to that first (or next) deal, we’re having an offer challenge in October! The rules are easy—you just need to submit offers! We’re challenging you to make 20+ offers, but anyone who makes at least 10 gets prizes (more on that later…)

Those who register will get all the resources, videos, software, and live training you need to be successful in this contest!

Offer Contest Details

The contest runs from October 1 to October 31. Only offers submitted in October will count.

If you submit 10 offers, you will win a DHM Branded Mask

If you submit 15 offers, you will win a branded T-shirt designed for this contest 


do hard money t-shirt front

Contest Prize: T-shirt Front

do hard money t-shirt back

Contest Prize: T-shirt Back


















But way cooler than any of those prizes is that you’ll either find a deal, or be close to finding one! Finding potential deals and placing offers is the foundation of real estate investing, and in October you’re going to learn what’s really necessary to make big things happen.

Note: the contest is for DoHardMoney members only. This is because you’ll need access to the deal-finding software and training in our Member’s Area in order to be successful. If you would like to know how to become a DHM member, please click here !  

Are you ready to participate in the challenge? Register here now to get started! We’ll send you a confirmation email with all the resources you’ll need, and then we’ll remind you on Oct 1 to get started.

Participate in the challenge now!


Need some tips on how to submit an offer? Our Founder Ryan will host a series of live cast about making offers and answer all your questions. Follow our Facebook and Youtube and stay tuned! 

Here are a few resources on our blog to help you place offers:

Buying your first home? Overcome offer fears 

Use the HUD Inspection Checklist To Help Make Offers


And one final note:

Right now, we have more borrowers working on fix and flips than ever before in our company’s history! In other words, the market is ripe and there’s no better time to go find a deal.

If you’ve been a little hesitant to start, then our October Offer Contest is exactly what you need to jump-start your investing!

Good luck, and go get some deals!