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What are off-market properties?

These are houses that are not listed on the MLS because the house is in poor condition and wouldn’t qualify for a traditional loan, or because the owner doesn’t realize they’d like to sell the house yet.

These are different from off-market listings, which are properties that are for sale, but due to privacy, exclusivity, or a desire to test the waters, the owner keeps the property off the MLS.

Why do investors look for off-market properties?

We rarely recommend looking on the MLS to find deals. There’s too much competition driving up prices to result in a discount. Listed properties generally are sold by people who’ve put thought into getting their home show-ready and have a real estate agent representing them.

A typical off-market deal will result from an owner who’s in a bind and needs to sell quickly, but the house wouldn’t meet the guidelines for a conventional loan. Or, they’ve just had a major life event and haven’t really thought about what to do with the house yet.

These deals have less competition because they take more effort to find. They’ll have more profit potential as well because we’ll teach you to find properties in poor shape but have plenty of equity—meaning a high likelihood of you getting a discount.

Broken shattered pane of glass with a gaping hole through it in an old opaque window with wooden frame

Finding off-market properties.

How do you find someone who’ll knowingly sell their property at a severe discount? The key is that you’re going to look for people who have motivation to sell their property. Here are a few examples:

  • Out-of-state landlord’s property gets trashed
  • An elderly man dies and the kids want to sell his old, disrepaired house and split the inheritance
  • A couple is going through a divorce and wants to sell the house and be done with it
  • House is going into foreclosure
  • The owner is suffering a bankruptcy
  • Involuntary liens
  • Owner needs to sell the house to move into a nursing home

All of these situations are plausible reasons why an owner would be motivated to sell an investor their property at a severe discount.

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