New Orleans Hard Money Fix and Flip Funded

This New Orleans hard money fix and flip funded deal just hit the DHM news desk! Paula W. found an adorable three-bedroom, two-bathroom property in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Louisiana. Paula searched for the perfect property to rehab and resell for months. She stumbled upon this incredible opportunity and needed funding as soon as possible to make the deal work. She knew the formula for fix and flip success: first, Paula brought the deal to Do Hard Money. Next, she consulted with our REI experts and we determined the deal to be profitable. Then, Do Hard Money funded 100% of the property purchase price, rehab costs and even 16% of the closing costs. At last, Paula jumped on the opportunity to hit this rehab out of the park, and she definitely shot for the stars with her execution!

Paula performed a remarkable rehab on this property. First of all, many rooms had stained, aged carpet and Paula replaced them with gorgeous hard wood floors. She then updated the floor plan to include a separate formal dining room. Also, the kitchen rehab blew everyone away. Paula updated the kitchen with new granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. In addition to her excellent efforts, Paula went the extra mile and added a brand new A/C unit and fresh interior paint. Finally, after hard work and determination, Paula put this home up for sale. This property sold very quickly on the MLS, netting Paula an overall estimated profit of $16,873. Check out the table below for further details* on Paula’s funded deal:

Loan DetailsCost% Funded
Purchase Price$45,000100%
Rehab Costs$23,631100%
Closing Costs$14,79616%
Total Funding Needed for Deal$88,752
Do Hard Money Loan Amount$71,000
Earnest Money$500
Seller Paid Costs$500
After Repair Value (ARV)$112,500
Selling Costs$7,875
Loan Payoff$71,000
Cash-to-Close Payback$16,752
Estimated Net Profit$16,873

*Minor loan details not included.


We are so thrilled for Paula’s success and happy to help her open the door to financial freedom. If you want to see similar success and even greater returns, Do Hard Money offers 100% financing on qualifying real estate investment deals!

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