New Jersey House Rehab Investment

This outstanding New Jersey house rehab investment was funded by Do Hard Money.

After speaking with Brandon and Darren, Hasan enrolled in our Find-Fund-Flip system to learn how to find properties and take advantage of all the resources that program provides.

This is the first house flipping investment for Hasan. He worked with Stevie as his senior advisor and Dick as his project manager to crunch the numbers and tighten the contractor bid. After the evaluations and refining the rehab plan, a loan offer was extended.

This New Jersey house has a lot of potential and when the work is complete and the property sells Hasan is projected to make over $75,000 on this deal. And the profit is calculated after selling and holding costs are paid and he pays himself back for the $9900 cash to close needed to get this deal going.

New Jersey House Rehab Investment
Loan DetailsCost% Funded
Purchase Price$130,000100%
Rehab Costs$56,840100%
Do Hard Money Loan Amount$217,750
Cash to Close$9,937
Projected Resale Price (ARV)$335,000
Estimated Selling Costs$26,383*
Holding & Misc. Costs$5,000*
Estimated Profit$75,930*

*some numbers are estimates and rounded for simplicity

You can see by viewing the screenshot shown here that Hasan looked at many properties, put quite a few into the Advanced Deal Analyzer and even submitted loan applications for several before finding one that provided the return he needed and a funding offer that would work for him.

Looking for the right type of deal takes time and persistence.

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