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Is Your NJ Investment Property Already Under Contract?

You need a reliable lending partner as part of your New Jersey real estate investing goals. We have so many great options, talk to us about how we can help you get the funding you need.

Start Off the Right Way

Real estate investing is a passion here at DoHardMoney, and we’ve funding so many deals for brand new investors we know what works well for them and helps them be successful. Our Find-Fund-Flip Program pulls all of it together to help you start AND FINISH your first deal. And- we’ll fund it too!

You Make Your Money When You Buy

You can’t earn a profit that just isn’t there because you paid too much for the house when you started. But where do you find that kind of situation? Not on the MLS. Our software will help you narrow your searches to the kinds of deals working in your area and help you reach out to the sellers.

Recently Funded New Jersey Real Estate Deals

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Hard Money Lenders in NJ are busy. Why? There are numerous lucrative real estate deals in New Jersey, and Do Hard Money is pleased to offer direct funding for your next fix and flip or refinance property in the Garden State.

Do Hard Money will approve your asset-based NJ hard money loan completely by assessing the property not you as the borrower. A true hard money lender will base your loan approval on the investment property and the overall quality of the deal. Once we’ve evaluated the property, the LTV (loan to value) ratio of the deal will determine your loan amount. This loan amount, combined with our gap funding resources, can make it possible for you to get 100% Financing on your deal.

Hard Money New Jersey Loan Terms for Loans Directly Funded House Flips

What Kind of Funding Is Available?

  • Up to 100% Financing Available
  • We fund up to 70% of the ARV
  • Minimum ARV of $70,000
  • No minimum loan amount
  • Maximum loan amount $250,000
  • Loan term 5 months

What Will It Cost?

  • Interest starting at 1.25% per month
  • Origination starting at 5.5%
  • No monthly payments
  • No and low cash to close options available
  • Gap financing allowed
  • No pre-payment penalty

Why Use DoHardMoney?

  • Full disclosure at time of loan offer
  • Proprietary foreclosure protection
  • No experience required
  • No minimum credit score required
  • Simultaneous deals allowed
NJ Fix and Flip Loans
  • We fund deals for new and seasoned real estate investors.

  • Need no or low cash to close? We can do that. Want lower rates and better terms? We’ve got those loan types too.

  • All of our New Jersey house flipping loans are based on After Repair Value. We can even work with borrowers with bad credit.

Refinance Loans Available
  • Our refinance options allow you the flexibility needed to accomplish your purpose.

  • Cash out or no cash out, you decide how you want the loan structured.

  • 50%-65% ARV depending on property

New Jersey Rental Property Loans
  • Current ownership of at least one rental property is required. The property doesn’t need to be in New Jersey.

  • We’ll happily loan you money for 1-4 unit rental properties.

  • Up to 80% LTV

Can I Get 100% Financing on My New Jersey Hard Money Loan?

Can I Get a NJ House Flipping Loan if I Have Bad Credit?

Yes you can! When you utilize our Find-Fund-Flip System, all of it’s tools and resources, we can extend a house flipping loan to you even if your credit is bad. While loans for other types of investments, like those for rental properties, require you to have good credit, our directly funded fix and flip loans can be extended to most borrowers. We cannot lend to you if you have an active bankruptcy or a few other credit situations, but bad credit itself will not be am obstacle. Call us to find out more.

New Jersey Real Estate Market Statistics (2015)

New Jersey is the 4th smallest state, yet the 11th most populous state, as well as the third wealthiest state in the U.S. In addition to a wide variety of historic landmarks, New Jersey boasts a beautiful coast and exciting nightlife. The Garden State has grown in popularity, with the number of house flips increasing 13% over the past year and the overall home value rising 2.7%. New Jersey provides a large number of REI opportunities, with many of its counties being the hottest areas in real estate. According to Realestatenj.com, “North Jersey communities dominate the list of the most in-demand markets for home buyers.” If you’re looking to make an excellent profit on a rehab deal, New Jersey is the perfect place to take advantage of low property prices and high margins.

Housing Units
Number of Flips
% Change in Flips

Purchase Price

National Average: $294,600
New Jersey Metro Areas: $303,350

Gross Margin

National Average: $55,000
New Jersey Metro Areas: $64,000

Number of Houses Flipped

National Average: 179,778
New Jersey Metro Areas: 7,441

% Change in Houses Flipped

National Average: 0.2%
New Jersey Metro Areas: 13%

*When DHM extends a New Jersey hard money loan it does not guarantee that each or any particular deal funded will result in profit.