Negotiate Real Estate Offers

Secure the property price you need for the profit you want.


We’ll get you through all three steps of the offer negotiation process—first contact, in person, then renegotiation—with the best likelihood of a high-profit deal.

Inside our Find-Fund-Flip system, you’ll get our proven training, advanced software, and handy checklists that you need to make more fix & flips happen.

shaking hands
shaking hands
shaking hands


No matter how good your prep work is, heading into a home, guns blazing, rarely works. There’s an art to negotiation.

We’ll cover how to handle every step of the in-person conversation you’ll have at their house, including exact phrases to use that all but guarantee a lower price. And don’t worry—these strategies don’t require you to be a dynamite salesperson.

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Motivated Seller Worksheet

Know within minutes of your first conversation if the deal is one worth pursuing. It’s served us well for over a decade.

Advanced Deal Analysis

Print out your profit & cost numbers for the property and show this to the seller. It’s a great foundation for solid negotiating when it’s there in black and white.


Tour the house with the seller and use this sheet to figure out what needs to be repaired. You can show definitively to the seller why you need a discount on the property.


A lot can happen between making your offer on the property and your closing date. Inspections come back unfavorably, your rehab bid comes in too high, or perhaps something in the house breaks (we’ve seen it!).

Instead of walking away, we’ll teach you how to re-approach the seller and secure a new price that makes the deal still worth your time.

Nearly every step of a flip involves negotiation. We’ll help you every time.