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The Step-By-Step Guide to Finding Your First Property in the Next 90 Days

You're About To Gain Access To The World's Most Powerful House-Flipping System That Your Competitors Don't Even Know Is Available.

Hi, I'm Ryan G. Wright and I want to make you more money than you've ever had before through real estate investing. As CEO of, author of four real estate investment books, and someone who's made a fortune flipping homes, I'm uniquely qualified to help you find a profitable deal in the next 90 days or less, guaranteed.

What is Next Deal Blueprint?

Essentially, I've taken all the guesswork out of finding your next deal.

You see, anyone who's been around will tell you THE HARDEST PART of real estate investing is finding a motivated seller...

... but it's also the single most important skill to be a successful investor. 

It's the skill that creates multi-million dollar real estate empires.

And Next Deal Blueprint is a SHORTCUT to finding your first deal.

Because time and time again, that first deal opens the floodgates to endless deals, unlimited income, and a life of freedom.

Basically, Next Deal Blueprint shows you our best finding strategies, takes your budget and schedule into consideration, and accurately predicts how long it will take to land your first deal! 

Are You Ready To Find a Deal in Less Than 90 Days?
My Next Deal Blueprint Flat-Out Works - Just Ask Casey

"They've helped me create the model that I'm going to be using going forward.... My personal cut's going to be about $23,000."

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Proof My System Works:

My Systematic Approach to Finding Great Deals Has Already Helped Thousands of People Make Massive Sums of Money...

Are You Ready To Join Them?
Harry Rothstein

Finds & closes a deal in New Jersey while living in Israel using Next Deal Blueprint.

Most people let little excuses get in the way of financial freedom - but not Harry. 


By following the strategies I teach, he pocketed $12,800 in a matter of WEEKS! Basically, my Next Deal Blueprint works for ANYONE, ANYWHERE, and in ANY MARKET.

(I was even able to help him with funding for the deal!)

I've seen it time and time again: those who follow my system consistently see higher profits, have quicker turnaround times, and experience much less risk.

I'd love to film a video just like this one with you after your first deal - are you ready to follow exactly what I teach and get rich?

Watch Brian Flip His First Property With Do Hard Money
"Do Hard Money has helped me achieve my real estate goals by believing in me, and so far it's been a great partnership."
Hurry, I Can't Keep This Offer Up Forever!
What's The Catch?

There isn't one!

I'm tired of dishonest websites sticking people on the back-end with monthly contracts they don't want. I'm confident enough in what I do that I don't have to pull any stunts. 

In fact, here's exactly why I'm offering so much value for such a low price:

1. First of all, to say thanks for coming to my page and reading about what I do! Sometimes we take technology for granted, but it's pretty darn cool that I can teach people across the world.

2. I'm not a "guru" who sits on a mountaintop and preaches strategies they've never tried. I'm an active real estate investor, and I'm always on the lookout for new business partners. You find great deals using my proven methods, and I'll help you fund those deals. Win-win.

3. We originally created this program to add to our core training series with the plan to up the price by $1k - $2k. I convinced my marketing guys to offer this for a limited time as proof of concept and to get testimonials. You're welcome.

4. I love to help! I've made gobs of money and I love the freedom I have. It's your turn and I want to see your success story.

I've been using the formula inside Next Deal Blueprint for 17+ years...

... but it's not until now that I had my tech guys put it into a piece of predictive software that can forecast your future success.

You ready to give it a whirl?

Claim Your Copy Before We Take This Offer Down Forever!
Yes Ryan! I Want To Claim Access to Next Deal Blueprint Valued at $147 So I Can Find a Property in the Next 90 Days While Everyone Else is Struggling

I am ready to create my own economy and prosper, even while everyone else seems to be paralyzed with fear and anxiety.


I've read the testimonials on this page and realize these entrepreneurs have no special talent that gives them an advantage. They just followed simple instructions that I'll get access to when I get access to Next Deal Blueprint.


I know that I'm going to be absolutely thrilled at the extra deals that will be  coming my way... and I know I'll finally get the free time, respect, and autonomy in  my business I've always desired.

So with that said, please instantly send me access to Next Deal Blueprint worth $147. I cannot wait to start implementing these uncommon strategies so I can find a deal!

Ryan Wright's Next Deal Blueprint

Just $147 - $7

One-Time Fee To Access the Software.
You Will Never Be Billed Again!

To your success,

Ryan G. Wright

P.S. Yes, this was a little long - if you skimmed to the end, no worries!

Long story short, I'm giving you severely discounted access to my Next Deal Blueprint - The Step By Step Guide to Finding Your First Property in the Next 90 Days!

Over the past 17+ years as a millionaire real estate investor, I've learned exactly which strategies work for finding motivated sellers.

I also know exactly how much work and/or money it takes to find diamond-in-the-rough deals.

Until now, that “predictive algorithm” has only existed in my headBut now, I’ve systematized it into a single piece of software that any rookie investor can use right now.

"Next Deal Blueprint" takes your budget and schedule, combines that with my favorite finding strategies, and tells you exactly how long it will take to find your first deal!

Cool, right?

But it’s too valuable to give away at this price forever – I’m going to add it to my core training program soon. Take it for a spin before I take this page down forever!

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