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To help you scale your fix & flip business to achieve profit and a lifestyle you've never even dreamed of, you'll need more fool-proof, rock-solid finding strategies to add to your repertoire.

To help you with this problem, I've put together an all-in-one system designed to virtually guarantee you'll find a property in the next 90 days.

It's based on the ACTUAL strategies I've used for nearly 2 decades to pocket millions of dollars. I've put my stamp on thousands of fix & flips over the years, and I know exactly what you need to close deals fast and repeatedly.

This system will save you hours of headaches, DAYS of wasted effort, and YEARS of trial and error and testing when it comes to finding ready-to-sell owners at severe discounts.

I hate to see people itching to take the next step, dreaming big but spinning their wheels when it comes to actual boots-on-the-ground strategies. This system sells on our website for $2500... but because you've already added "Next Deal Blueprint" to your cart (which means you're serious), you can get the ENTIRE "Guaranteed 90-Day Finding System" at a smokin' ONE-TIME Discount!

Here's What's Included

I've been around long enough to know that you need more than just a strategy to find a discounted property! That's why my system includes EVERYTHING you need, such as:

How to Value Properties

Know Exactly What to Say During Negotiations


The Word-for-Word Contracts I've Been Using For Years to Put Together Headache-Free Deals

Ad Copy, Email & Phone Scripts, Print-Ready Creative Templates, and My Favorite Lead Providers
Okay, I'm Fired Up! What's Inside?
My comprehensive 22-part system includes the COMPLETE strategies I've used to personally profit millions of dollars over the past 17+ years fixing & flipping homes! You won't find most of these strategies ANYWHERE else - because most have no clue they even exist! I personally guarantee you won't find a more useful and practical system to teach you to get a property under contract in the next 90 days... OR YOUR MONEY BACK!
You Want To Know Exactly What's In MY 22-Part System Worth $7,706.45? You've Got It!

5 Value-Packed Training Videos

Tier I: Professional Finding Strategies ($400 Value) - My top 4 favorite low- or no-cost strategies that fit any budget or skill level!

Tier II: Expert Finding Strategies ($200 Value) - My four "go to" most profitable strategies I've used for decades, spelled out and made simple.


Tier III: Finding Properties 101 ($200 Value) - Every professional fix & flipper needs multiple arrows in the quiver, and this video will add 30 finding strategies to yours!

Tier III: Targeted Marketing 101 ($300 Value) - Attract ready-to-sell owners with world-class, done-for-you copy. See exactly what I do and say to attract new deals to me like flies to honey.
Tier III: Advanced Finding Strategies ($200 Value) - A simple, concrete process towards using the most profitable finding strategies. It's worked for me and my students this long... it'll work for you too.

3 Weekly Assignment Workbooks to Virtually Guarantee You'll Find a Property in 90 Days ($599.85 Value)

Our 3 workbooks (one for each Tier mentioned above) keep you on track with easy checklists to be completed weekly. I know exactly what you need to do to be successful - and how long it'll take. If you do the weekly assignments and DON'T find a deal in 90 days, I'll refund your money.

But hundreds of my students have proven this... you'll find a property if you watch the videos and stick to the assignments I give. The ONLY students who fail are the ones who give up after a week or two. Since you've read this far, I'm guessing that's not you.

3 Pieces of Proprietary Software the Competition Won't Have

Unlimited Proof-of-Funds Letters ($1,199 Value) - Move quicker than the competition to make offers and close fast!

Advanced Deal Analysis Software ($2,398 Value) - This is the house-flipping calculator I personally use to assess profit and risk of ANY deal out there. You'll know exactly how much you can offer, as well as which deals to stay away from.


Automated Property Value Analysis Worksheet ($74.95 Value) - The secret to profit is in correct property evaluations and estimates... and this worksheet will keep you from overestimating values and losing money on deals.

My Personal Portfolio of Contracts


Buyer Purchase Contract + VIDEO ($19.95 Value) - How to structure contracts that favor you as the buyer.


Seller Purchase Contract + VIDEO ($19.95 Value) - How to structure contracts that favor you as the seller.


Vehicle Advertising Agreement Form ($19.95 Value) - Protect yourself and your intellectual property and get the longest life out of each lead.

Professional Checklist Package

  • Motivated Seller Sheet ($34.95 Value) - This helps you identify which of your leads are actually motivated sellers so you can stop wasting time.

Meeting with Seller Outline + VIDEO ($34.95 Value) - I'll teach you exactly what I say and do to seal the deal with virtually every seller I meet with!


HUD Inspection Checklist ($14.95 Value) - Help you assess a home on the fly and use that to negotiate the lowest possible price.


 Amortization Calculator ($14.95 Value) -  Quickly assess how much equity a potential seller has in their property so you can target the best deals!

My Marketing Resources


Proven Advertising Copy ($350 Value) - I've been split-testing for years so you don't have to. Create successful ads on your first try!


Email and Phone Reply Scripts ($225 Value) - Most newbies lose the upper hand (or entire deals) from bad communication... but that's not going to happen to you armed with these tried-and-true scripts.


Professional, Print-Ready Creative Templates ($900 Value): Don't hire a designer or spend hours yourself - these templates have you covered.

Handpicked list of Mailing, Printing, and Lead Providers ($500 Value) - This is my own, personal list of providers that have come through for me time and time again.
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Guaranteed 90-Day Finding System
Just $2,500 $247

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