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"Have You Ever Wanted To Know How Real Estate Entrepreneurs Put Together Complicated, Yet Stress-Free Deals On The Fly Without Any Legal Headaches Or Delays?

Are you ready to get SERIOUS about putting together more deals than you know what to do with?

Yes, Ryan I want to get FULL access to your portfolio of 9 fill-in-the-blank fix & flip contracts for just $17 (regularly $260)! Add this to my order of "Next Deal Blueprint" so I can start closing headache-free deals tomorrow! 

Okay, we're putting the wraps on all components of this all-in-one real estate success guide coming your way. You'll soon have everything in your hands. But before I go, there's one more option I'd like you to carefully consider.

And it's based on a very important discovery I've made over my decades in the industry and my years as a fix & flip coach to thousands of students:

Improperly Constructed Contracts Are The Most Overlooked, But Most Common Roadblock to a Successful Deal!

If you're like 99.9% of new fix & flippers, contracts aren't even something you think about. When you find a deal, THEN you'll worry about it... but that leads to mistakes, delays, and even failed deals with massive losses!

I've seen it over and over again. Having ready-to-go contracts at your disposal for ALL situations is the "Secret Sauce" to profit-producing deals!

Here's the deal: you'd be hard-pressed to find any other business or "guru" whose students have fewer failed deals than mine. They're more interested in teaching the "sexier" topics, but ignoring the backbone of a good deal - the right contract.

In fact, my students experience 60% fewer failed deals than the national average... as well as $6k MORE in average profit!

That's because I teach ALL aspects of fixing & flipping - not just the finding, negotiating, rehabbing, and selling. You see, my goal is that you...

Never Have to Worry About a Contract Again!

My 9 pre-written contracts included in my "Critical Contracts Portfolio" have been used for thousands of deals - and they've yet to fail me.

There are many parts of a contract that have to be done JUST right, or you could be looking at mega headaches, major delays, and even lost deals!

Things like dates, correctly worded offers, and even your NAME (this is actually the most commonly screwed up part of a real estate contract) have to be done correctly.

And LOTS more that you have to get just right - or risk losing deals to smarter entrepreneurs.

Okay, I'm Fired Up! What's Inside?
Simple Assignment of Contract (Worth $49.95) 

Advanced Assignment of Contract (Worth $49.95) - When you want to lock in the buyer with a non-refundable deposit.


Addendum for Assignment Contract (Worth $14.95)


Purchase Contract for Buyer (Worth $19.95) - Written to favor you as the buyer!

Purchase Contract for Seller (Worth $19.95) - Written to favor you as the seller!

Seller Statement of Understanding (Worth $29.95) - Protects you from all sorts of nasty things that could happen.


Vehicle Advertising Agreement (Worth $19.95) - Protect yourself and your intellectual property as you build out your fleet of advertising vehicles! 

Joint Venture Agreement (Worth $19.95) - Protect your interest if you're working with a partner.
Contractor Agreement (Worth $24.95) - ESSENTIAL to getting done on time (and saving you thousands!) Nothing is worse than dealing with a bad contractor.
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Critical Contracts Portfolio
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