Lower Risk, High Return
Wholesaling is a great way to jump-start your investor career.
So, what are some actions you can take right now to get started? Here are a few ideas:
Find a calendar or planner that you can use for your wholesale business.
Don’t let obtaining this item take too  much of your time. You don’t want to get stuck planning and organizing and fooling yourself into thinking you are being productive. It is just a tool you will use, it won’t get you closer to completing your first deal unless you take the actions your plan or schedule there.
Network, Network and...Network!
You’ll want to find some real estate investment clubs and organizations in your area so that you can begin networking and learning your market. This is an important action toward building your own buyers list. Meetup.com is a great way to find groups and meetings. Look for one that will work for you and make sure you attend that meeting.
Use the right software
Sign up for our Investor’s Edge Software. This software will help you locate properties and contact the sellers. It is an amazing resource that will help you accelerate your business.
Don't waste time trying to figure it out
We have already figured it out for you.

Lots of bad deals, mistakes, unexpected surprises later, we've created a way to help you reach your goals through home flip investments.
A simple way to start is
wholesale real estate
Wholesaling is where you find the deeply discounted properties needed for a successful house flip, get the property under contract and then assigning that contract over to an investor who will complete the rehab and sell the property. It will give you a commission for finding and securing the property for them. Sometimes you will hear wholesaling referred to as bird dogging.
"A lot of people would like to get into this game, but sometimes they don’t have the means, and Do Hard really provided the means to be able to do that."
-Latrelle H., IL