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Investment Property Loans
No Money Down

Using Find-Fund-Flip powered by DoHardMoney

A proven system to maximize your profits
Software that makes finding the right deal easier
Learn how to value properties so losing money becomes a memory 
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Get Your Investment Property Loan From An Industry Pioneer

Getting real estate investment loans can be one of the biggest struggles new investors tackle. Getting real estate investment loans with no money down? So much harder. Our Find-Fund-Flip Financing System gives you the the kind of help, tools and resources that make the funding just the final step insead of the place you got stuck. The system will teach you how to recognize the type of loan we can extend with no money down. Not every deal e fund qualifies for no money down though. We fund a wide variety of deals. Our loan application will help you search for the type of loan that will best fit your needs- whether that be low/no cash to close, quick turnaround or lower rates. Understanding how to find and obtain the types of deals that can be done with no money down will be one of the most valuable skills you could ever develop. And finding a  lender that is able to do that kind of loan one of the most valuable relationships you can obtain.

* Enrollment in any educational system or purchase of any products does not guarantee funding or that 100% hard money financing will be an available option for any property. Do Hard Money does not guarantee that each or any particular deal funded will result in profit.

I couldn’t have done it without Do Hard Money… that’s the great thing about Do Hard Money, they’ve got a system that is tried and true, it’s proven.

Hunter W., System Member

Low Cash to Close Funding Features

  • 100% Hard Money Financing Available

    If your deal is good enough we’ll fund your purchase, rehab, points, interest, & closing costs. No money downpayment could actually be the type of funding you can obtain if you put in the effort to find the right deal.
  • We Don’t Charge a Pre-Payment Penalty

    When you can complete your rehab and get the home sold before your loan term is finished we will not charge you any fees- as a matter of fact, you’ll even get interest back!
  • 5 Month With No Monthly Payments

    We know worrying about making those monthly interest payments can be a distraction. Focus on your rehab, keep it on track and on budget.
  • We Can Fund Poor Credit

    Don’t let a bad credit score keep you from becoming a real estate investor. We can fund your deal!
  • We Love New Investors

    So many hard money lenders will only give investment property loans to experienced investors. That isn’t the case with us. New investors are exciting to work with and that is a core value of our program.
investment property loans software’s Investment Property Loans Available For Deals In These States

Completing a real estate investment without using much out of pocket money is possible. If there is no money down required then those funds can be used elsewhere. We love funding deals such as these. Because we can fund 100% of the purchase price, 100% of the rehab costs and 100% of the loan costs these loans are very desirable. But the deals can be difficult to find. You’ll need to work much harder to find one of these than you would to find a fix and flip deal that qualifies for traditional hard money loans. We also do not offer this type of funding on our rental property loans, new construction loans and for some of our refinancing options. Please call us or fill out a hard money loan application in order to allow us to find the best funding we can for your real estate investment.

Recent Low Downpayment and No Downpayment Real Estate Investment Property Loans

Other Investment Property Loans Questions

What Other Types Of Investment Property Loans Do You Offer?2019-07-29T22:39:34+06:00
Investment Property New Construction Loans
  • Limited to only experienced investors

  • Must have good credit

  • Downpayment is always required for these investment property loans

Investment Property Refinance Loans
  • These loans will always require a completed loan application before speaking with a  member of our loan team.

  • Cash out or no cash out depending on needs

  • 50%-65% ARV depending on property

Rental Investment Property Loans
  • Must own at least one property

  • 1-4 unit properties

  • Up to 80% LTV

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