House Flipping Profits Data Is In

housse flipping profitsThe house flipping profits data is in, and DoHardMoney house flippers won big!

We  just tallied all the numbers and came up with the following:

Average profit was $33,578. That is the profit AFTER all costs were paid. After cash to close was returned. After all the loan costs like  interest and points. After all of the inspection costs and legal fees. After all of the holding costs and selling costs like agent commissions. $33,578. That’s exciting, but there is MORE.
Cash to close figures were fantastic as well.
Median cash to close was less than $12,000
26.42% (about 1 in 4) borrowers needed to bring $2,000 or less to the closing table
18.87% (about 1 in 5) were required to bring less than $500 cash at closing. That’s right, less than $500!

We are excited to share these numbers, because they show what we have long understood. That those whole enroll in the Find-Fund-Flip System and use it benefit from enrollment and the concepts they learn.

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