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The House Flipping Calculator You Need

The Advanced Deal Analyzer is our proprietary house flip calculator that allows you to plug in a property’s purchase price and repair costs and figure out whether or not a deal is profitable, how much profit you can make and how much money you can qualify for on a deal. The ADA is an efficient tool designed to save you hours of time wading through potential deals, wondering if they’ll yield a profit or not.

  • Eliminate Risk

    Never pay too much for a property again.
  • Maximize Profit

    Negotiate lower purchase prices.
  • Save Time & Money

    Never chase a bad deal again.
  • No Math

    Eliminates complicated spreadsheets.
  • No Waiting

    Get results faster than you can say the word ‘profit.’
  • No Secrets

    Get 100% disclosure of all costs.

House Flip Calculator
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We’ve recently upgraded our Advanced Deal Analyzer to offer more customized loan offerings! Now you can select your loan objective (lowest cash-to-close, most profit, shortest time to close), and our Advanced Deal Analyzer will automatically pair you with the best loan option based on your selection.

Our Advanced Deal Analyzer now boasts a 1-click loan application! When you find & enter a deal that matches our criteria, you can press a button that automatically imports the information you’ve already entered into a new loan application, ready for you to submit.

We’ve also created a more intuitive interface, improved cost accuracy and risk analysis, and itemized all cash-to-close requirements!

Simple • Fast • Accurate • Comprehensive

Deal Specific House Flipping Calculations and Data

Marketing & Project Management Features

This tool has multiple options to include both marketing and project management costs, so there’s no need to guess how much you could spend on these resources. These options can be calculated into your overall assessment so you know what kind of profit you can yield.

Precise Profit Numbers

The ADA calculates your estimated profit on a property down to the penny. This is the exact same calculator we use to determine property values and now that you have access to it, you can put in all of the property numbers and see for yourself whether or not a deal is profitable.

Third-Party Integration

This tool incorporates all estimated third-party costs so you can see the complete breakdown of each and every loan detail. We want the information to be at your disposal and to be as transparent as possible so you know exactly what you will be receiving, every step of the way.

Down Payment Interest Rates

No money for a down payment? No problem! The ADA can determine the interest on lines of credit specifically used for down payments. Overcome a lack of funds to close the deal on a property regardless of how much money you can bring to the table.

Real-Time Points, Interest & Tax Rating Database

Our tool uses a real-time rate database for points/interest/taxes. This gives you the ability to see how much you will be charged. We want you be educated in every aspect of your deal and know upfront what you can expect to pay as well as how much profit you can earn.

Wholesale & Retail

The ADA works for both wholesale and retail flips and can calculate the estimated profits of your property based on a wholesaling option or determine how much money you may borrow to get you started with the loan process, all at the click of a button.

Built-In Risk Level Adjustments

The ADA adjusts all of the calculations of your deal automatically, based on risk factors. Just start with the brief questionnaire to assess the property’s risk levels and the calculator will ultimately determine whether the deal is worth getting involved in.

Cash-to-Close Figures

Wondering how much you may have to bring to the table? The ADA gives you precise cash-to-close estimates, so that you will know exactly how much you will need in order to make the deal work. Remember, the better the deal, the less cash to close you will need.

Gap Financing & Profit-Split Scenarios

This feature takes all gap financing and profit-split scenarios into consideration. This can help close the deal, but will also split the profits. The ADA provides a realistic perspective of how much you can pocket when all profits have been split between lenders and business partners.

Updated Accuracy

The ADA is updated with the latest accuracy tools to ensure you’re getting the most up-to-date information on your deal. It provides the necessary recursive algorithms to give you the peace of mind that all risks, profits and fees will be calculated with pin-point accuracy.

I love the Advanced Deal Analyzer. It’s so easy to use and provides me exactly the info I need.

Marc S, Marietta, GA

House Flipping Calculator – See for Yourself