Hard Money Lenders in Pennsylvania

If you need funding for your house-flipping projects, turn to DoHardMoney. We provide hard money loans and many other resources you can’t get from other lenders, including software, funding, and training. You can get everything you need to be a successful house flipper in one place for added convenience.

With flexible funding, you can achieve your real estate goals. You’ll get a funding plan that considers your unique needs to give you the best loan experience. Pennsylvania is a profitable market for house flippers, and the best way to succeed is by using every resource to become the best house flipper you can be.

Pennsylvania Hard Money Loans

Your best loan option as a house flipper in Pennsylvania is a hard money loan. These loans come from private lenders rather than a large institution like a bank. Since private lenders fund the loan, they have the flexibility to help you get the best option for your situation.

Consider these additional reasons to get a hard money loan:

Quick Funding Process

You can quickly take advantage of real estate opportunities when you get funding in as little as a few days.

Adjustable Terms

Private institutions have more power to change the loan terms to suit your situation rather than offering fixed terms for each loan.

No Credit Score Requirements

Whatever your credit score, you have the opportunity to get funding with hard money loans. These lenders focus on property value rather than your finances.

Hard Money Financing Up to 100%

Most hard loan lenders require a fairly hefty down payment, but with Do Hard Money, some investment properties qualify for 100% funding — including closing costs, rehab and more. If your property doesn’t qualify, we can show you how to get the hard cash you need to move forward.

Loan Programs for Flipping Homes in PA

When you want a wide selection of loan programs to choose from, come to Do Hard Money. We have 30 loan programs to meet the needs of property investors in Pennsylvania. That’s more than three times as many as most other private money lenders.

Real Estate Investing Software


When you use our real estate investing software, you’ll learn to calculate risk relative to each      property you’re considering flipping. Do Hard Money helps beginner investors make good choices when flipping houses in Pennsylvania.

Why Fix and Flip in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania offers various opportunities for those looking to get started fixing and flipping homes. Whether you call PA home or you’re looking to expand your investing to new areas, there are many good reasons to fix and flip in this state:

  • Hot housing markets: Many cities in Pennsylvania present a lucrative market for house flipping, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Upper Darby, Ridley Park, and Harrisburg.
  • High ROI potential: Returns on investments are often higher in Pennsylvania than in most other states.
  • Seller’s market: House prices are rising, meaning that as a seller, you can sell houses quickly for a higher amount than usual.

DoHardMoney Will Help You Reach Your House Flipping Goals in Pennsylvania

Whatever your goals for house flipping, DoHardMoney can help you achieve them. Beyond getting fix and flip loans for Pennsylvania house flipping, you’ll also have access to additional resources that make achieving your goals easier.

Here are some ways we’ll help you:

  • Offer training and support: Whether you’re a new flipper or experienced in real estate, educational resources help you keep up with an ever-changing market.
  • Give access to Investor’s Edge: This software allows you to easily identify opportunities in hot Pennsylvania markets.
  • Provide vast resources: With one payment, you can access training, property records, and funding.

Property Investment 101

Don’t worry if you’re new to the property investing field — Do Hard Money works with both experienced and novice real estate investors. We provide real estate investing software, give advice for choosing & managing contractors, and offer guidance throughout the process .

Get Your Flip Funded

House flipping offers the potential for significant returns on your investments. However, you might struggle to get started without a residential hard money lender in Pennsylvania. DoHardMoney will provide the loans you need and other resources to make flipping possible.

Contact us online or apply today to get funding for your house-flipping project!