Hard Money Lenders in Oregon

If you’re searching for your all-in-one solution for house flipping, DoHardMoney will fulfill all your flipping needs. Real estate investing offers everyone a chance at financial success, and the best way to become successful is by using every resource you can. We offer hard money loans and provide software and training resources to help you learn everything you need to become a professional fix and flip investor.

Oregon grants many opportunities to those interested in getting started in house flipping. We know that financing can be a barrier to potential fix and flippers. That’s why our loan options offer flexibility to help you check off your financial goals. You can receive funding from us even if you’ve been turned down by other lenders.

Oregon Hard Money Loans

Flexible Structure

Public entities like banks offer limited options for loan personalization. Hard money lenders have more power to tailor terms to your needs.

Rapid Funding

With hard money loans, you can get the financing you need in quick succession.

No Credit Score Requirements

Hard money loans depend on the estimated value of the property, not your credit score history.

True 100% financing

We’ll finance up to 100% of your purchase, rehab, and loan costs. And if you need just a little bit more than what we can lend on your deal, we’ll demonstrate how you can find that money without dipping into your own pocket.

diverse loan programs to match any borrower’s goals

With over 30 loan programs available, we can determine funding options that best fit your goals. Are you looking for high profits? Low cash-to-close? Inexpensive loan costs? You tell us what you’re hoping for, and we’ll find a loan plan to match.

top-notch risk mitigation


Our Advanced Deal Analysis software will help you understand the economic viability of your fix and flip. If everything is well, then our meticulous two-step evaluation process will build your and our confidence in the deal. Once approved, we’ll step forward with an assigned loan advisor to help conduct your loan and a project manager to help you through the rehab. 

What Makes Do Hard Money Loans Different?

  • No minimum credit score
  • No experience required
  • Up to 100% financing
  • Interest rates beginning at 12%
  • Origination as low as 3.5%
  • Lend up to 85% ARV
  • Loans up to $350k
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No payments for 5 months

No surprises on loan values

Along with your deal’s evaluation process, we also develop a custom video that explains how the comps and values were computed for your property. This way, you’ll know the particular situation in each step of the funding process.

Our borrowers’ average profit on a paid-off loan in 2020 was


Now it’s your turn to change your financial future.

DoHardMoney Will Help You Accomplish Your House Flipping Goals in Oregon

If you’re looking for a reliable hard money lender, put your trust in DoHardMoney. You can get flexible hard money loans in Oregon to match your personal house flipping goals.

Discover how else we can help you reach your house flipping goals:

  • Training and support for every skill level: Since the real estate market changes frequently, you can use our training materials to stay informed. 
  • Software to identify fruitful opportunities: You can use Investor’s Edge to discover the best investment properties in your area. 
  • Access to house flipping tools:  Just one payment and you’ll get access to property records, financing, and more.

less obstacles for new investors

The lending system is defective. With most lenders you’ll need favorable credit and plenty of money to flip houses. That is why most individuals who want to get started can’t.

We work differently. We believe that everyone should have a chance at building financial security for themselves. While we loan to veteran investors, a huge chunk of our borrowers come to us because we make flipping your first deal smooth.

Apply Today to Get the Money You Need

DoHardMoney is here for those keen in securing financial freedom by flipping houses. To aid you along the way, we provide hard money loans, training, and software. Whether you’re new to fix and flips or a seasoned professional, you’ll prosper from these resources.

Connect with us online or fill out an application today. It’s the first leap toward getting the financing you need to flip homes!