North Dakota Hard Money Loans

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Since 2005, Do Hard Money has been one of the most well-known hard money lenders in the United States. We’ll go above and beyond to satisfy your needs so you can meet the completion deadlines for your transaction.

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We believe that everyone should be able to achieve financial independence. Our objective is to help you reach your goal.

Options For Real Estate Investing in North Dakota

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer fix & flip financing in North Dakota due to the presence of numerous roadblocks and limitations. The good news is that there are alternative methods for assisting you with real estate transactions:

Option #1 – Flip Deals Remotely

Through our Find-Fund-Flip System, you’ll have access to all of our deal-finding software and marketing resources.

With a tool like this, remote fix & flips become possible. We can’t assist you in obtaining funding for houses in North Dakota, but we can help you locate and flip opportunities in the other states where we do lend!

It used to be difficult to keep track of a remote fix & flip project. Now, it’s simple to contact your contractor and check in on things yourself using video conferences.

In other words, the use of technology has made it feasible and simple for you to conduct remote flips.

Option #2 – Flip Land

We can assist you with land flips in North Dakota or any other state in the United States because land purchases are not subjected to the same regulations as fix & flips.

Our CEO has recently achieved great success in flipping land remotely. We want to show you how he’s been doing it.

We’re presently working on a training course to teach you how to make money flipping real estate. We haven’t finished it yet, so keep an eye out for further updates!

About Do Hard Money

Working with us will demonstrate that we’re more than simply a lender. Ryan G. Wright, the CEO of DHM, has hundreds of real estate deals under his belt, so our staff understands the unique concerns you’ll encounter when doing business. We’re excited to help you every step of the way.