New York Hard Money Loans

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Do Hard Money has been one of the most prominent hard money lenders in the United States since 2005. We’ll go above and beyond to fulfill your expectations so you can meet the completion deadlines for your deal.

We’re On Your Side

We think that everyone should have the opportunity to be financially secure. Our goal is to assist you in getting there.

Options For Real Estate Investing in New York

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide financing on fix & flips because New York has numerous roadblocks and constraints. The good news is there are other ways we can help you with real estate transactions:

Option #1 – Flip Deals Remotely

You will have access to all of our deal-finding software and marketing materials through our Find-Fund-Flip System.

With a tool like this, remote fix & flipping is a breeze. We can’t help you get funding for New York houses, but we can assist you in locating and flipping deals in the states where we do lend!

It used to be hard to keep track of a remote fix & flip project. Nowadays, it’s easy to check in with your contractor and see how things are progressing for yourself with the use of video chats.

In other words, the implementation of technology has made it practical and easy for you to do remote flips.

Option #2 – Flip Land

We can help you finance a land flip in New York or anyplace else in the United States, because land purchases are not subjected to the same laws as fix & flips.

In fact, our firm’s founder has had great success with land flips in real estate transactions carried out remotely. We’d be delighted to show you how he did it.

We’re currently working on a training course to teach you how to profit from land flipping. We haven’t finished it yet, so keep an eye out for more information later!

About Do Hard Money

Working with us will show you that we’re more than simply a lender. Ryan G. Wright, the CEO of DHM, has hundreds of real estate transactions under his belt, which means our staff understands the unique issues you’ll face when doing deals. We’re eager to assist you every step of the way.