Private Money Loans in New Mexico

Hard Cash Loans for Flipping Houses in New Mexico

Best Hard Money Lenders in New Mexico

Since 2005, Do Hard Money has been issuing hard money loans to New Mexicans interested in real estate investing. We’re known as a top private money lender because we broker deals with low cash to close and up to 100% financing.

Hard Money Loans for Bad Credit in New Mexico

Having bad credit does not disqualify you from getting a hard money loan from Do Hard Money for real estate investing in New Mexico. Your investment property serves as collateral for your private money loans, so your personal credit history is less important.

Your Property Investment Partners

Do Hard Money is so much more than just a private money lender. We help our clients by offering them guidance through the fix and flip process as well as assistance with selling their investment property. We are your partners in real estate investing.

Hard Money Loans in New Mexico

Flipping Houses in New Mexico

Our heatmaps show where the largest concentrations of properties for sale are located in New Mexico. This is only some of the important data Do Hard Money provides to help our clients be successful in the real estate investing market.

  • Albuquerque
  • Rio Rancho
  • Las Cruces
  • Santa Fe
  • Roswell
  • Farmington
  • Hobbs
  • South Valley
  • Clovis

About Us

You expect your private money lender to help finance your purchase of an investment property in New Mexico, but at Do Hard Money, we do more. We help you find the property, vet your selection, find contractors for the rehab and sell it afterward. We also teach you about the BRRR method and wholesale real estate investing.

Bringing Real Estate Investing Within Reach

Do Hard Money is a different kind of private money lender. We work with experienced real estate investors to fund their fix and flip projects in New Mexico, but we also work with property investors new to the game. We teach beginners about real estate investing via our Find-Fund-Flip System.

Hard Money Loans Up to 100%

Most hard cash loans for flipping homes require a substantial down payment. At Do Hard Money, we finance property investments up to 100%. If your investment property does not qualify for 100% financing, we’ll show you how to get the rest of the cash you need.

Loan Programs for Fix and Flips

Many private money lenders offer a small handful of loan programs for real estate investing, but Do Hard Money offers 30. Whether your priority is a high profit margin, low down payment or low interest rate, we have a loan program for you.

Real Estate Investing Strategies in New Mexico

If you’re new to investing, Do Hard Money wants to work with you. We provide real estate investing software to help you find & close on delas

Don’t have a deal yet?

No worries. Our Find-Fund-Flip System is an all-in-one program designed to help you find & close the exact kinds of deals we’re looking to fund.