Hard Cash Loans for New Jersey Investors

Get Hard Money Financing Fast for New Jersey Properties

Low Cash-to-Close Loans

Do Hard Money has been providing hard money loans to New Jersey real estate investors since 2005. We are a preferred private lender financing off-market purchases in Newark, East Orange and Atlantic City. We work with property investors looking for low cash-to-close deals.

Providing Hard Money Loans for Bad Credit

At Do Hard Money, we issue hard cash loans even if you have bad credit or no experience flipping houses. We’ll teach you how to flip a house in New Jersey — it’s part of how we do business as hard loan lenders.

Partners in Your Fix & Flip

When we agree to finance your fix and flip project, we don’t just issue you a hard money loan — we can help you with financing your investment property’s rehab as well. We even teach our members about the BRRR method and wholesaling — in addition to fix and flips.     

Hard Money Loans in New Jersey

Flipping Homes in New Jersey

Property investors love our heatmaps showing where the best deals are on homes in New Jersey. You can get valuable data from our sources and use it to find the properties for sale that work best for you.

  • Newark
  • Irvington
  • East Orange
  • Atlantic City
  • Woodbury
  • Bridgeton
  • Trenton
  • Vineland
  • Pleasantville
  • Millville

About DoHardMoney.com

As hard money lenders with more than 20 years of experience, Do Hard Money is a valuable asset to real estate investors in New Jersey. We help you secure funding, complete your rehab project and sell your investment property once you’re done. Other private money lenders don’t provide this type of service.

Property Investment 101

At Do Hard Money, we think that more people should get a chance to try real estate investing. That’s why we issue loans to beginners in property investment — to help and encourage more people to enter the field of flipping houses in New Jersey.

Hard Money Loans Up to 100%

Hard money loans for some investment properties in New Jersey may qualify for up to 100% financing, and even include funding for closing and rehabbing. If your investment property doesn’t qualify, we can help you secure the extra funds you need.

Loan Programs for Flipping Houses

Our 30-plus loan programs are targeted to property investors looking to maximize profits, minimize loan costs, reduce cash to close and other varying needs. Other hard money lenders only offer a few loan programs — we give you more options.

Practical Real Estate Investing Software

We provide our clients with real estate investing software that helps them calculate risk when deciding which homes to buy — a critical tool in developing strategies for flipping homes in New Jersey.

Don’t have a deal yet?

No worries. Our Find-Fund-Flip System is an all-in-one program designed to help you find & close the exact kinds of deals we’re looking to fund.