Hard Money Lenders in Nevada

Get into house flipping with minimal costs upfront with DoHardMoney. Whether you’re an experienced flipper or getting into real estate for the first time, you can get any knowledge you need from us. We offer software, funding, and training all on one platform.

Whatever you hope to achieve through real estate, you can find flexible financing options with DoHardMoney to help you conquer them. You can lean on us for a trusted relationship and all the resources needed to help you succeed.

Our Hard Money Loans Are Ideal for Nevada House Flippers

If you’re considering getting flipping houses, you’ll probably need a loan to help you cover the costs. When you want a loan tailored towards the unique needs of house flipping, you can rely on DoHardMoney. You’ll like our loans for several reasons:

Quick Loan Approval

It’s possible to wait up to 30 days to get a conventional bank loan. Since hard money loans are based on the profitability of the property instead buyer requirements, you can get approval in as little as one day.

No Credit Score Requirements

While you might start a house flipping deal with a poor credit score, you can get the hard money loan you need from DoHardMoney as we don’t look at your credit score for qualification. 

Easy Funding Procedure

With fewer demands and quick access to funds, you can swiftly enter the world of real estate using our fix and flip hard money loans.

Our Hard Money Lenders Provide Up to 100% Financing

Real estate investing would be simpler if you could get 100% financing. At DoHardMoney, select properties can be approved for up to 100% financing. That amount even includes covering interest, closing costs, and rehab costs. Flip more properties with our hard money financing loans.

Loan Programs for Flipping Homes in Nevada

You may have discovered that other private money lenders offer a variety of loan programs, but few offer as many as DoHardMoney — over 30 to choose from. We help you find the right loan program for your investment project in Nevada.

Real Estate Investing Strategies

The more real estate investing knowledge you gain, the bigger the profits. DoHardMoney gives you real estate investing software as well as training that covers the BRRR method, finding properties, and selling your rehabbed property.

Apply to Get the Funding You Need Today

If you’re looking for hard money options, DoHardMoney can help with loans and many other resources. Contact us online or fill out our pre-qualification application today to get the funding you need for your first, or next, project.