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Since 2005, Do Hard Money has been one of the most well-known hard money lenders. We’re the perfect fit for your next project, and we’ll go above and above to fulfill your expectations while also providing funds quickly.

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Options For Real Estate Investing in Montana

Unfortunately, due to a number of restrictions in Montana, we are unable to provide financing there. Alternative means of funding real estate investment transactions do exist:

Option #1 – Flip Deals Remotely

If you join the Find-Fund-Flip System, we’ll give you access to all of our deal-finding software and marketing materials.

With a system this comprehensive, remote flipping becomes a breeze. We can’t fund properties in Montana, but we can help you find deals in the other areas where we do!

In the past, keeping track of a distant fix & flip project was extremely difficult. However, because video chats are so popular, tracking progress has gotten a lot easier.

In other words, the widespread use of technology has made it possible for remote flips to become both viable and, in many cases, less difficult.

Option #2 – Flip Land

A land flip isn’t as complicated as a regular fix & flip. As a result, we can fund land deals anywhere, including Montana.

Even in transactions that take place remotely, our CEO has had great results with land flips. We want to share this approach with you as well.

We’re creating a training course to teach you how to profit from land transactions. We’re not quite done with it, so check back later for more information!

About Do Hard Money

Working with us will allow you to collaborate with a team that is knowledgeable about your fix & flipping needs. Ryan (our CEO), who has over 15 years of investment experience, has worked on hundreds of real estate deals throughout his career. With him leading us, you can be sure we’re here to help.