Minnesota’s Hard Money Lender

DoHardMoney is your hard money solution and Minnesota real estate expert. Whether this is your first fix and flip or you’re a seasoned professional, we want to provide the backing you need to understand the local market, invest in it, and make a profit. Between our expert knowledge of the market, state of the art software, and funding programs suited to each individual’s situation, we can empower anyone to pursue their financial freedom.

Fix and Flip Loans in Minnesota

Buy an Investment Property for Little Money Down

If you’re struggling to come up with the down payment for an investment property in Minnesota to fix and flip, DoHardMoney can help. We are able to offer hard money loans for qualifying properties for little or even no money down.

Hard Money Loans for Bad Credit in Michigan

Hard money loans for poor credit can be difficult to find. At DoHardMoney, we don’t measure your credit score heavily when we consider your hard money loan — your investment property serves as your collateral.

Partner with Us to Fix and Flip

We aren’t just a hard money lender — we’re your partner in flipping houses in Minnesota. Not only do we provide the funding you need for your investment, but we also provide support and assistance with every phase of the fix and flip process.     

Up to 100% Financing for Flipping Homes

When you qualify for 100% financing for your Minnesota fix and flip, you can keep more money in your pocket while you rehab the investment property. If your property doesn’t qualify for 100% financing, we can teach you how to raise the cash you need.

Loan Plans for Real Estate Investing

Don’t settle for only a few options of loan plans for your project. Come to DoHardMoney, where we offer more than 30 loan plans tailored to your specific needs. We make flipping houses in Minnesota easier for fix and flippers.

Learn Real Estate Investing Strategies

DoHardMoney is more than just a hard money lending company — we help you become a sharp property investor. We share knowledge about the BRRR method, wholesale real estate investing, and, of course, fix and flips.     

Why Work with DoHardMoney?

At DoHardMoney, we believe everyone should have the chance to achieve financial freedom. That’s why we created the most complete fix and flip system. Our hard money lending offerings are complete with educational resources, in-demand training, and top-tier software that enables you to learn the basics and start flipping fast. We offer up to 100% financing with zero or low cash-to-close opportunities, even if you’ve faced rejection in the past. We’ve aided flippers in every circumstance, whether they want to buy, flip, and sell, or hold the property to rent as a BRRR deal.

We’re more than just a loan provider. With our resources backing you up, you don’t need any experience prior. We assign project managers and loan advisors to each borrow to help you manage your finances and keep you on task to meet your goals. Our team wants you to flip successfully every time and make mind-blowing profits with the help of our services.

Apply for the Find-Fund-Flip System

Ready to put in the work and flip properties? DoHardMoney is ready to help. 1 in 4 of our borrowers bring under $2,000 to a deal but walk away with tens of thousands in profit potential. Our Find-Fund-Flip System offers you everything you need in one accessible portal to learn how to manage your real estate investments and start connecting with buyers as excited about your property as you are.

Get started today with a hard money loan for your next Minnesota property. Or, keep in touch through our educational email newsletters so that you can choose the perfect time to enter the real estate market. Every good deal gets funded, guaranteed, so don’t hesitate to bring yours to us next.