Hard Money Lenders in Maryland

How to Flip a House in Maryland

Real Estate Investing for Little Money Down

Many more people would try real estate investing if they could get funding for a down payment. At Do Hard Money, investors who have chosen qualifying homes can get a hard cash loan to flip a house with little or no money down.

Get Hard Money Loans for Bad Credit

It can be hard to get a loan with bad credit, but not at Do Hard Money. When you come to us for a private money loan, your investment property is your collateral, so your credit score isn’t a factor in our decision to lend you money.

We’re Your Partner in Flipping Homes

Lending money can be risky — that’s why we do so much more than provide hard cash loans at Do Hard Money. We help you with rehabbing, finding contractors, selling the home after rehab and more. Rely on our Find-Fund-Flip System for solid real estate investing strategies.

Hard Money Loans in Maryland

Fix and Flip Loans in Maryland

Our heatmaps show where the best investment properties for sale are in Maryland. We aren’t just private money lenders; we provide tools and real estate investing software to help you succeed in your new venture as a property investor.

  • Baltimore
  • Cumberland
  • Capitol Heights
  • Fort Washington
  • Hagerstown
  • Temple Hills
  • Upper Marlboro
  • Easton
  • Glen Burnie
  • Elkton

About Us

Do Hard Money is a different kind of private money lender, because we don’t just make hard cash loans, we guide and coach borrowers on the ins and outs of flipping houses in Maryland. We believe we experience more success when our clients succeed, and that’s why we put in more time and effort.

Learning About Real Estate Investing in Maryland

If you’re new to real estate investing in Maryland, Do Hard Money is the right place to come. We not only fund your property investment purchase, but we also help with the process of rehabbing the property and selling it afterward.

Hard Money Loans Funded at 100%

Do Hard Money can lend up to 100% of your deal — and not just the property purchase but the closing costs and rehab too. Not every investment property qualifies for 100% funding; if yours doesn’t, we can show you how to get the money you need.

Loan Programs for Wholesale Home Purchases

Our hard money financing company offers more than 30 loan programs for real estate investing. You can prioritize low down payments, high profits, or low interest rates. Do Hard Money gives you more choices than other private lending companies.

Real Estate Investing Training


With other private lending companies, once you get the money you need, you’re on your own. With Do Hard Money, we provide assistance with rehabbing, closing deals, and finding profitable properties      via our Find-Fund-Flip System.

Don’t have a deal yet?

No worries. Our Find-Fund-Flip System is an all-in-one program designed to help you find & close the exact kinds of deals we’re looking to fund.