Hard Money Loans in Idaho

DoHardMoney is your go-to solution for house flipping loans in Idaho — and everything else you may need to be successful in your project. Along with hard money loans, we give our members software solutions and immersive training so they can develop their knowledge in the real estate industry and understand how to maximize their profits.

What Makes Do Hard Money Loans Different?

DoHardMoney has assisted newbie flippers and experienced real estate investors enhance their house flipping experiences and overall profits. We don’t require minimum credit scores, experience, or even money down up front to take on your project. We offer flexible funding programs and continuous guidance to give you the best opportunities for success.

We’ll assign you a project manager and loan advisor to keep you on track throughout the entire process. You’ll also have continual access to our Find-Fund-Flip system, where you can discover educational resources about flipping and millions of homes ready to be flipped around the United States.

  • No minimum credit score
  • No experience required
  • Up to 100% financing
  • Interest rates beginning at 12%
  • Origination as low as 3.5%
  • Lend up to 85% ARV
  • Loans up to $350k
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No payments for 5 months

True 100% financing

DoHardMoney will fund up to 100% of your purchase, rehab, and loan costs. And if you need a little bit more than what we can give you on your deal, we’ll teach you how to find other sources of money without dipping into your own bank account

Flexible loan programs to match every borrower’s goals

With over 30 loan plans available, we can find financing options that best fit your goals. Are you looking for maximum profit? Minimum cash-to-close? Reasonable loan costs? You tell us what you’re striving for, and we’ll find a loan option to match.

Industry-leading risk mitigation


Our Advanced Deal Analysis software will help you recognize the economic viability of your deal. If all looks good, then our precise two-step evaluation procedure will give you and us confidence in the deal. Once authorized, we’ll move ahead with an assigned loan advisor to help manage your loan and a project manager to help you through the rehab. We’re here to support you until the very end.

No surprises on loan values

As part of your deal’s evaluation procedure, we also create a custom video that explains how the comps and values were determined for your property. Because of this, you’ll know what is happening during each step of the funding process.

 Our borrowers’ average profit on a paid-off loan in 2020 was $39,714. Now it’s your turn to transform your future.

Using Your Hard Money Loan

Working with DoHardMoney equips you with a range of options to secure your financial stability. We offer up to 100% funding for:

Fix and Flip Loans

Our most prominent loan type in Idaho is our fix and flip loans, which oblige you to take any property and transform it into a ready-to-sale home which you can make major profits from in no time.

The BRRRR Method

With the BRRR method, this loan type lets you flip a property and keep it as a rental for you to gain a continuous stream of income from. The process is to buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat.

Wholesale Real Estate

Wholesale loans empower you to pass your fix and flip property on to another investor. You get a fee for finding the property, and the other investor takes it on themselves. When your preferences change, or you can’t go through with your property any longer, this is a great option.

Less barriers for new home flippers

The lending system is tainted. With most lenders you’ll need a decent credit score and money on hand to flip houses. That is why most people who want to become investors just can’t.

 We operate differently. We believe that every person should have the chance to build financial security for themselves. While we lend to experienced fix and flippers, a large fraction of our borrowers work with us because we make flipping your first deal possible.

Apply for Hard Money Funding Today

If you have a great deal, DoHardMoney is ready to fund, guaranteed. Whether you’re new to fix and flips or just looking to improve your skills, we’ll provide you with the resources to make your next investment your most profitable one yet. Contact us today and submit your application for funding. We can’t wait to help you pave the road to financial freedom!