Hard Money Loans in Georgia

Funding Your Real Estate Investment in Georgia

Loans for Flipping Houses

Get a fix and flip loan in Georgia with little to no money down with Do Hard Money’s Find-Fund-Flip System. Since 2005, our private lending firm has been helping Georgia property investors with flipping houses in Atlanta, Macon, Decatur and other cities.

Hard Money Loans in Georgia for Bad Credit

You don’t need a good credit score to get approved for a hard cash loan from Do Hard Money. With our fix and flip loans, your investment property is your collateral — your personal credit history has little impact on your ability to flip houses.

Property Investment Partners

When you’re learning about how to flip a house in Georgia, we want you to think of our private lending company as your partner in property investment. Do Hard Money provides real estate investing software and training materials. We teach you about BRRR, wholesale real estate investing, and more.

Hard Money Loans in Georgia

Flipping Homes in Georgia

Check out our heatmap to find the best properties available today in Georgia. Success in real estate investing is all about choosing the properties that will net you the biggest profit. We provide the critical data that you need to locate the right off-market properties to fix and flip.

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About DoHardMoney.com

Most private money lenders are concerned only with the financial aspect of real estate investing. That makes sense — financials are important — but Do Hard Money takes it a step further by helping property investors with other aspects of flipping homes, including providing assistance with funding your rehab and finding the right contractors for the job.

Making Real Estate Investing Accessible

Hard money loans often come with restrictions and large down payments that many potential real estate investors can’t afford. At Do Hard Money, we work with repeat flippers as well as new and inexperienced property investors, providing training and real estate investing software.

Hard Money Lenders Providing Up to 100%

Some property investments in Georgia qualify for 100% financing from Do Hard Money. If your chosen property doesn’t qualify, we’ll show you ways to get the hard cash you need for your down payment. Don’t let anything stand in your way of flipping your first house.

Loan Programs for Flipping Houses

We offer more than 30 choices for hard money loan programs in Georgia. Whether you’re looking for a low down payment, low interest rate or the highest profit margin, it’s our goal to help you find the best hard loan for you and your specific situation.

Real Estate Investing Strategies


Do Hard Money provides real estate investing software to help new and inexperienced property investors learn the ropes to fixing and flipping houses. It helps you calculate risk, allowing you to choose and move forward with only the best deals.

Don’t have a deal yet?

No worries. Our Find-Fund-Flip System is an all-in-one program designed to help you find & close the exact kinds of deals we’re looking to fund.