Hard Money Loans in Connecticut

Flipping houses offers amazing profit opportunities in real estate as long as you find the right partner. If you’re having a hard time finding a hard money lender in Connecticut who’s willing to work with you, DoHardMoney can help. We provide the financing you need, no matter if this your first time doing a flip or your tenth time.

As a fix and flip investor, you want to get funds quickly so you can complete flips and make a profit quickly. DoHardMoney offers convenient access to the money you need for any real estate investment deal.

Hard Money Loans Perfect for Connecticut Fix and Flip Investors

If you are a fix and flipper in Connecticut, hard money loans are the ideal way to finace your flipping project. Here are some reasons you should consider going to a hard money lender for funding: 

No Upfront Fees

Some loans require you to pay before you get the loan, but with hard money loans, you need not worry.

Quick Approval and Funds

The approval process for this type of loan is swift, with approval registering in as little as a day and funds shortly after.

Case-by-Case Terms

Hard money loans typically have flexible terms, so you can find an offering with repayment conditions that fit your situation best.

Hard Money Loans for Up to 100%

Some fix and flip deals in Connecticut qualify for 100% financing from Do Hard Money. If your specific property doesn’t qualify, we’ll show you how you can get the hard money you need for your down payment. Don’t let anything stop you from flipping your first property.

Loan Programs for Flipping properties

We offer over 30 choices of hard money loan programs for investors in Connecticut. Whether you’re looking for a low down payment, low interest rate or the highest profit margin, it’s our mission to assist you in finding the best hard loan for you and your specific investment.

proven Real Estate Investing Strategies


Do Hard Money provides real estate investing software to help beginner investors learn the ropes of fix and flips. It helps you determine risk, allowing you to choose whether to move forward with a deal or find another property.

Why Get a Hard Money Loan From DoHardMoney?

The key difference between DoHardMoney and other money lenders is that with us, you can get every chance you need to become financially stable through house flipping. If your search for a hard money lender in Connecticut hasn’t been successful thus far, consider working with us. Here are just a few perks of partnering with us:

  • Learning tools: You can use our training videos and support resources to gain the knowledge you need to become a professional house flipper in a short period of time.
  • Supportive helpers: Your assigned loan advisor and project manager from DoHardMoney offer unconditional guidance on your way to reaching your financial goals. 
  • Investor’s Edge: You can utilize this software to locate the best properties in the market you are in.
  • Access to resources: Your one-time payment gives you access to everything you may need to flip houses, including training, software, and funding.

Submit Your Pre-Qualification Application Today

At DoHardMoney, every good deal gets funded, guaranteed. If you’re interested in flipping properties in Connecticut, the first step is getting a hard money loan on your side. 

Receive the funding and tools you need by completing a pre-qualification application right now.