Investing with Hard Money Loans FAQ
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I want to take a minute and answer the MOST common questions investors ask me about getting started funding real estate deals.

Here we go!

What kind of returns will I get? How stable are they?

Is with all investments, I can’t guarantee any results. However, I can say that over our history that investors have had more stable and consistently higher returns than virtually any traditional investment vehicle out there.

In the past seven years, we’ve averaged over 18% annual returns – with only one single month in that time frame producing below a 15% average for our investors!

We’ve had investors with us for several years with multiple loans out at all times… I can only imagine how much money they’ve made with very little work.

Compare that to other investments like precious metals or the stock market. You might get 30% returns one year, and then negative returns for the next three. We provide high returns with fewer fluctuations.

Can’t beat that.

Is my money safe & secure throughout the process?

Absolutely! In fact, we never hold your money ourselves. We’ve designed it so you wire the money to the Title Company, who then deposits money to the Trust Fund. The Trust Fund handles the payouts – such as rehab draws to the contractor, origination fees to us, and prepaid interest to you. 

When the property is sold, the Title Company closes on the sale and pays off your loan directly.

Got it?

How do you mitigate my risk?

We do everything we possibly can! That’s our entire focus.

There’s too much to mention it all here (I went into more detail in previous emails), but let me say this:

We’re extremely picky.

We’re picky about who we lend to. We’re picky about the properties we’ll approve loans for. We’re conservative when estimating rehab costs, appraisals, and after repair values.

Plus, we train all of our borrowers to become expert fix & flippers. We don’t hand them money and say “good luck!”

Our borrowers experience 60% fewer failed deals because they already know what they’re doing before we ever approve a loan for them.

What happens if the borrower defaults?

To you... nothing.

We manage every step of a default. We’ll take care of the legal stuff, make sure the rehab gets finished, and sell the property.

You’ll get all your money back (including the interest), and we’ll split the profit that the borrower would have made.

The only negative for you is that you might not get your money back for a little while longer – but you’ll still be collecting interest on it.

Any other questions you have for me?

Let’s talk about it!

Let's Fund Your First Deal!

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