Project Description

Upper Marlboro, MD

Crystal S. found a fantastic opportunity in Upper Marlboro, MD. This house boasts a beautiful fireplace and an attached garage. Though this property needed a ton of repairs and rehab work done, Crystal saw massive potential in the home. She came to Do Hard Money for funding. She worked with Michael on her project and also worked closely with her account advisor, Laura, to ensure she would be getting the best deal for her property. We funded 100% of the property purchase price and rehab costs as well as a portion of the closing costs.

Crystal went straight to work on the rehab of the home. First, she finished the basement and turned it into a gorgeous living space. Then, she upgraded the kitchen to include granite counter tops and new stainless steel appliances. She also updated the bathrooms with new vanities and floor tiling. Thanks to her hard work on this rehab, she earned an overall estimated profit of $31,225 on this property. We are so excited for Crystal’s success!

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