Project Description

Randallstown, MD

Darryl G. of Randallstown, MD recently saw his dream of achieving high returns on real estate investments become a reality. Randallstown is a beautiful city known for its culture, safe neighborhoods and high-quality education programs. Darryl hit the housing market in Maryland at the absolute perfect time. Job growth increased in the area by 0.71% and Randallstown boasted a population growth of 6.98%. Darryl noticed an increase of $30,000 in home sales over the past year (16%). Thanks to the team members at Do Hard Money, he took advantage of an incredible opportunity to make a great profit.

Janitsa and Julian, members of the Do Hard Money team, worked closely with Darryl. They helped ensure he receive the highest return on his investment. We funded 100% of the property purchase price and 48% of the rehab costs. This home sold quickly on the MLS and Darryl netted an overall estimated profitĀ of $14,387. This brought his ROI forecast to a phenomenal 55%.

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