Project Description

Katy, TX

Katy, Texas is located within the Houston metropolitan area and has become a prime location for real estate. Darrell A. found an incredible home to rehab and turn into a MUST-SEE property. This excellent deal came with gorgeous trees out front, providing shade on hot summer days. Beautiful landscaping accents this home perfectly, and that’s just the beginning. When he saw this deal had four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and a wall of windows looking out on a large backyard, he knew it would be a fantastic opportunity to rehab and flip for a huge profit! Darrell soon discovered the interior was better than the exterior: with a master suite downstairs, spacious bedrooms, a large game room and an attractive gas fireplace.

With our help, Darrell was able to purchase the home for the low price of $110,000 and spend only $10,060 in rehab costs. He performed some fantastic upgrades to the house, making the resale value skyrocket. His rehab included kitchen updates, wood floors, new carpet, new blinds and fresh paint both inside and out. As a result of Darrell’s hard work and our collaborative funding, he’s looking at an estimated profit of $11,025 when all is said and done!

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