Project Description

Jacksonville, NC

In a peaceful neighborhood ideally located close to schools, Tyler S. found an adorable cottage home that needed some TLC. Tyler saw incredible potential in this three-bedroom, two-bathroom house. He knew if he could fix it up, he could sell it for a large profit. He contacted the team at Do Hard Money and we also saw tremendous profit in this deal. After running the numbers, we qualified Tyler’s deal for 100% financing. We funded 100% of the purchase price, 74% of the interest fees and 71% of the rehab costs. Tyler brought $0 cash-to-close to make the deal happen.

Tyler got straight to work fixing up this property into a beautiful home. First, he performed extensive rehab work on the landscaping. He also upgraded the kitchen to include new cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Tyler updated the bathrooms with new vanities and cabinets as well. Lovely neutral tones of fresh paint made every room come alive with comfort. Tyler also installed new carpet and wood flooring. Tyler sold this property on the market quickly, bringing his overall estimated profit to $49,309.

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