Project Description

Columbus, GA

Dante D. found an incredible property in Columbus with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. He saw that home prices were going up in this area and jumped on this opportunity at the perfect time. He came to Do Hard Money for funding and thanks to the outstanding nature of the deal, we were able to get him qualified for 100% financing. In addition to working with Dedra, Dante worked with Freda, an account advisor, as well as with Karleen and Brittany in loans to fund his deal. With their help, Dante received funding covering 100% of the property purchase price, rehab costs, closing costs and interest fees. He also didn’t have to put a penny down for cash to close.

After receiving funding, Dante went straight to work rehabbing this property. He finished the basement, landscaped the yard and included kitchen and bathroom upgrades. Thanks to his hard work, this home became a must-see property and sold in record time. As a result, Dante was able to pocket an estimated profit of $59,523 from this deal. We are so excited for Dante’s success and would love to help you achieve similar results.

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