Project Description

Baltimore, MD

Deborah K. found the perfect deal in Baltimore: a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home sitting on a large, fenced corner lot. Having an eye for details, Deborah knew this home would sell quickly with some rehab work. When she discovered it included an in-ground pool in the backyard, she immediately set out to get the deal funded. She came to Do Hard Money and Dedra, an investment director, answered all of her questions. Deborah received her own DHM account advisor, Janitsa, who also helped her with her loan. We covered all of the purchase price and rehab costs of the property.

Deborah made some excellent upgrades to this home. First, she upgraded the kitchen to a gourmet standard, with all new counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Deborah also included ceramic tile flooring to the bathrooms and hard wood flooring in the living areas. She then installed new windows and a new roof. She also cleaned the pool and the upgraded the yard landscaping. As a result of her efforts, Deborah sold the property quickly and pocketed an estimated profit of $47,961 on this deal.

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