Finding Properties

Finding properties is one of the most difficult parts of real estate investment. What most investors don’t realize, however, is that browsing the MLS is the worst place to find properties. You’ll find the highest competition and the lowest margins on the MLS. Luckily, the Guaranteed 90-Day Finding System shows you the many other areas to look when searching for a profitable deal. Learn the tricks of the trade and insider secrets to finding that diamond in the rough where the competition is minimal and the margins are high.

  • Discover the Best Ways to Find Properties

    We show you the best ways to find properties and teach you what to do as well as what not to do so you don’t end up wasting your time or money.
  • Learn How to Value Properties

    Don’t waste your time on bad deals by knowing how to value properties quickly and accurately.
  • Know Exactly What to Say

    We provide the scripts for you so you know exactly how to secure the best deal possible.
  • The Guarantee

    Find a profitable property in 90 days or less, guaranteed. If you don’t, we’ll refund your entire purchase.

The Guaranteed 90-Day Finding System gave me an entire new approach on how to find the most profitable properties in my area.

Linda G, Seattle, WA

What’s Included?

The Guaranteed 90-Day Finding System is packed with valuable property finding information and has been proven to be the quick, effective and profitable.

Property Finding Strategies & Tactics

  • Professional Finding Strategies – Core System ($400 Value)
    • You’ll learn how to execute the top four free or low cost professional property finding strategies.
  • Professional Finding Strategies – Assignments & 270 Day Guarantee ($199.95 Value)
  • Expert Finding Strategies – Core System ($200.00 Value)
    • This includes the four most profitable finding strategies.
  • Expert Finding Strategies  – Assignments & 180 Day Guarantee (($199.95 Value)
  • Advanced Finding Strategies – Finding Properties 101 (($200.00 Value)
    • This is a fantadtic overview of more than thirty professional and advanced strategies that produce results. You will learn why it is vital to invest time and money into these options.
  • Advanced Finding Strategies – Core System ($200.00 Value)
    • The concrete process for implementing and utilizing proven tactics for finding great real estate investing deals.
  • Advanced Finding Strategies – Assignments & 90 Day Guarantee ($199.95 Value)
    • Easy to complete checklist of exactly what you need to find the type of property you need in 90 day or less. If you don’t, we’ll refund your purchase of the program.
  • Advanced Finding Strategies – Targeted Marketing 101 ($300.00 Value)
    • Learning how to utilize marketing strategies to find properties is crucial to your real estate investing success. This includes easy to understand steps to help you market like a pro.

More Tools, Training & Information To Help You

  • Unlimited Proof of Funds Letters ($1,199.00 Value)
    • Utilizing this valuable tool will allow you to get ahead of your competition by speeding up the process of making the offers you need to get the ball rolling.
  • Proprietary Advanced Deal Analysis Software ($2,398.00 Value)
    • You’ll be able to conduct a comprehensive and professional profit/risk analysis of your potential deal  in seconds.  You’ll know what to offer and which deals are not worth pursuing.
  • Automated Property Value Analysis Worksheet ($74.95 Value)
    • Using this worksheet will save you valuable time as well as money,by calculating the real value of your property. It will give you a much needed odjective reality check that will help you avoid overestimating property values and potential profits. It will save you from making potential costly mistakes.
  • Buyer Contract & Video ($19.95 Value)
    • Do you know what type of contract to use when you are the buyer? This great resource will help you get the property under contract with terms favorable to you as the buyer.
  • Seller Purchase Contract & Video ($19.95 Value)
    • Learn how to word things when you are the seller.

Also Contains These Valuable Resources

  • Vehicle Advertising Agreement QuickFIL Form (!19.95 Value)
  • Motivated Seller Sheet ($34.95 Value)
  • Meeting With Seller Outline & Video ($34.95 Value)
  • HUD Inspection Checklist ($14.95 Value)
  • Amortization ($14.95 Value)
  • Proven Advertising Copy ($350.00 Value)
  • Effective Email and Phone Replay Scripts ($225.00 Value)
  • Professionally Designed and Print Ready Creative Templates ($900.00 Value)
  • Hand-Picked List of Dependable Mailing, Printing and Lead Providers ($500.00 Value)

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