From Getting Fired to Getting Fired Up: How Fix and Flips Saved Me Financially


At Do Hard Money, we work with a large variety of clients with diverse backgrounds. Some have a great deal of capital and experience, wanting to expand their real estate investment business. Others have no experience. Some invest to save for retirement, eliminate debt or achieve financial wealth. And then there are the few, the proud, the noble: those who lost their jobs during the recession and had no where to turn for help.

Peter K. of Salisbury, NC was one such individual. He worked as a successful general contractor for many years, building beautiful custom houses. When the real estate market fell in 2008, Peter quickly found himself without work and without means to support his family. With his training solely in contracting work, he didn’t know where to turn or what to do.

Even with the recession, Peter noticed some real estate companies were still making strong profits. One such company was a hard money lender called Do Hard Money. He looked into it and saw a large opportunity for financial change; the saving grace he desperately needed.

“I saw an opportunity here to rebound in real estate and I thought I could pick up some homes and redo them, get them back on the market and make some money.”

Peter naturally worried his properties would not sell and anticipated other risks involved. Fortunately, Do Hard Money waived all his fears as they worked with him to make solid returns. First, they calculated all of the risk involved with his deal, the after-repair value of the property, how much he could borrow and the net profit he could earn. Then, they ran over all of the costs with him to ensure his deal was profitable. Seeing that his deal would gain more than $10,000, they green-lit the loan and Peter was on his way to earning fast profits.

“We needed money fast and they produced for us – They made it very easy for us to come up with a large sum of money to do a project quickly.”

Peter was able to get back on his feet financially, all while continuing his passion and talents for contracting. He made a modest return on his first investment of a little over $14,000 in only four months. His second deal gleaned a much larger return of over $30,000! Do Hard Money helped him pull through the recession. Now Peter enjoys a very lucrative fix-and-flip business while still maintaining his profitable contracting job. As a result of his hard work, he achieved more than he ever thought possible. To see the details of Peter’s second deal, click here!

“The results of working with Do Hard Money have been fantastic – It took away some of the headaches of having to deal with a regular financial institution.”

Do Hard Money is here to provide profitable financial opportunities for all, regardless of credit score or job history. First, we help you find  If you find yourself without work, in debt, without savings or retirement or simply want to change your life for the better, call Do Hard Money. We make financial freedom possible through real estate investments.

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Peter changed his life completely with the help of Do Hard Money. He went from a layoff to a massive payoff in real estate investments, forever securing his financial future. This endeavor also freed up his time for more enjoyable pursuits. To hear his full story, check out the video below!

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