How to Get out of Debt AND Save for Retirement at the SAME TIME

How to Get out of Debt AND Save for Retirement at the SAME TIME

Are you struggling to get by paycheck-to-paycheck? Does it seem like you’re drowning in a pool of debt? Do you feel like no matter how much money you bring in, you just can’t eliminate your debt? It’s times like these when saving for the future feels like an impossible dream.

But Do Hard Money is here to give you some fantastic news… it’s NOT an impossible dream! Believe it or not, you CAN get out of debt AND save for the future all at the same time!

How, you ask? If altering spending habits isn’t helping matters, it’s time to take control of your financial future. You can completely get rid of your debt and start saving for retirement in one fell swoop.

The key lies in these four words: Real Estate Profit Portfolio

The real estate market is stronger now than ever and it’s time to strike while the iron’s hot. There are many ways to make a profit in real estate. We’re here to help you determine which is best for you. Thereby, you can start building your profit portfolio, get out of debt and even start making moves to quit your day job and enjoy your life!

How to Get out of Debt

One of the best and fastest ways to get out of debt lies in real estate fix-and-flips. Basically, you buy a house at a discounted rate, you fix it up and resell it for a profit. This can make you a great deal of money quickly. Most of our clients average a $30k profit per deal and they receive their profits in 3-5 months, depending on how quickly they fix up and sell the home. Imagine being $25,000 in debt and seeing it all vanish with one profitable deal! Now, if you’re brand new to real estate investing, we recommend you first get your feet wet with an investment venture known as wholesaling. Wholesale deals will teach you a lot about real estate investing with no risk to you.

The difference between wholesaling and fix-and-flips is you don’t have to rehab and resell a wholesale deal. With wholesaling, all you have to do is find a good property and get it under contract. Then, you sell the property to a fix-and-flipper for a profit. Say, for example, you find a home selling for $50,000. You snag it and then sell it to a buyer for $60,000. Wholesaling benefits both parties in that the buyer walks into instant equity and you walk away with a $10k profit.

If you have some experience in real estate investing, jump right into your next deal! You can start your next profitable fix-and-flip deal and get out of debt almost immediately. Here’s what you can do to get started: just click on this link to schedule an appointment with our investment associates. We can help you qualify for a loan right away so you can purchase and start rehabbing your property. You can also get in touch with us faster by calling 801-948-9774.

How to Save for Retirement

Here’s where your financial future starts to get really exciting! There are many methods to choose from when setting up a retirement plan. One of the most lucrative options you can choose is our aforementioned real estate profit portfolio.

What is a Real Estate Profit Portfolio?

It’s both a business and savings plan to diversify and expand your finances. It all starts with a simple wholesaling deal. You then take the profits from your wholesaling deal and put it towards a retail fix-and-flip deal. You then take a portion of the profits from that deal (say $20k) and put it towards the next deal, and so on. Before you know it, you have a well-oiled, perpetual machine of profit working for you. It puts money in your pocket that you need now and puts money toward the future you’ll need for retirement.

Another Retirement Option

As you gain more experience in real estate investing, you may choose a more passive investment option, rather than an active investment option. A passive investment earns money for you while you do next-to-nothing, whereas in an active investment, the money stops once you stop, like with a day job. An excellent passive investment option lies in rental property investments. If you don’t mind being a landlord and making the odd repair every now and then, this could be the source of income you’re looking for. Suppose after many years of executing successful fix-and-flip deals, you’ve gotten out of debt and have a nice nest egg saved up. You can use it to purchase a property in a fantastic area, then rent out the place and live happily off of the consistent rent checks every month.

Excited to Get Started?…

Great! We’re excited to help you start down the road to financial freedom! Do Hard Money helps hundreds of people develop their profit portfolio, get out of debt and save for the future through real estate investments. To begin, just click on this link to schedule your appointment with our investment associates. Your successful financial future awaits!

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