Free Online Real Estate Training

Free Real Estate Investing Training Available Right Now

Free online real estate training may seem easy to find, until you really start looking at it and taking it in. Not all free real estate investing classes or sources provide real value. But this video course is different.

How This Real Estate Investing Course Can Help You

We have funded hundreds of deals throughout the U.S. in a variety of markets and for investors of all experience levels. One thing that has been a constant for a large number of investors is diffifulty in valuing properties and assessing the potential profit of a deal. In particular, those brand new to real estate investing get hung up at this juncture, and it is where we see many of them lose motivation and momentum in their business.

But this doesn’t have happen for you. Ryan has prepared a video course walking through the process of valuing actual properties. Real, live potential deals. By going through this process with you he shows you how to think like an investor. 

How To Chose The Correct Comps

Are there hard and fast rules when it comes to finding the right compsto choose when determining the ARV of your property? What factors do you need to consider. It is not just about proximity and square footage. Watch Ryan walk through some scenarios and potential comps so that you can learn when using a possible comparable house will help you make a good deal and where it can derail your profits and should therefore not be used.

free online real estate investing training

Understand Risk Factors

What are the things that will shrink your potential buyer pool? Anything that will make the property appeal to fewer people is a risk factor? We all think of things like crime rate and airports, but what else do you need to consider? Learning to think like a potential buyer when determining your ARV will help. Becoming familiar with the unique aspects of each individual real estate market is key. Let this training help you learn to look at your projects with fresh eyes and help you determine which deals to pursue.

This first video is available right here on this page. To access the whole course just click on the button below. You’ll fill out a form and then receive your login information to see the remaining videos.