Buy Fix & Flip Houses

No longer the scariest step to completing your real estate deal


Establish Spot-On Values

With our plethora of tools and our team to help, you’ll have the confidence that your values are as accurate as possible. You’ll quickly know whether that property you want to buy has the high profit and low risk you’re looking for.


Negotiate Like a Pro

Some deals are in that oh-so-close range that it’s painful to walk away. Before you do that, we’ll teach you how to negotiate more favorable prices. This works time and time again to secure more profit for our fix & flip borrowers.


Other People’s Money

Even if you’ve got the dough to spare, it’s always an advantage to keep your money out of a deal. Between our training, our 100% financing loans, and our gap financing partners, we’ve got plenty of solutions to buy properties while your bank account remains virtually untouched.


Unparalleled Resources

  • Contract Templates – Don’t hire a lawyer, yet still complete binding deals with confidence.
  • Loan Advisor – Our dedicated team will help you with all the particulars of getting you to a purchased deal.
  • Training Videos – We’ve created in-depth videos to address each part of the buying process.

In other words, you don’t have to be confused by any step or left wondering what to do next. We got you.


The Speed You Need

Tight window until closing? We can have you funded within 15 business days of submitting a loan application. That’s another piece of the process you don’t have to worry about.


Buy properties with the confidence that a great team behind you provides.